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  1. Yeah, half of those are sold out, and somehow while trying to click through to view international postage rates I bought a Dinked edition at truckstore, not realizing til after it's in-store pickup only. Not only is that idea stupid, now I have to ask them to refund me because I live in a different country and can't pick it up. If they don't do international shipping maybe they could say so up front. Now I'm in a whole heap of email garbage, so great. Dammit Tycho.
  2. Jeez. For a preorder supposedly limited to 350 it sure is on like seventeen sites. Thanks for this.
  3. Well of course I'm free to cancel the order. But Dinked is now sold out everywhere I can see, so I'd be up the creek. Thank you for ordering this exciting Dinked edition Tycho release with Drift. Sadly, we must inform you that there was an error in calculating your mailing charge for the dispatch of your order. If you are still interested in purchasing via us, we will need to send you a small additional invoice for the correct mailing charge, which we will do shortly by email. When you receive the additional invoice please complete your payment as soon as possible to secure your order. I am sure you are very disappointed, as are we, at this error in the mailing calculation, and if you would prefer to cancel your order we would of course understand.
  4. Went with Drift because they had second lowest shipping cost, now I get an email saying ‘sorry we fucked up, we need 6 more pounds for shipping’, making them instantly the most expensive shipping out of all the options, and now everywhere else seems sold out, so beware.
  5. Picadilly and Drift now look sold out of dinked as well.
  6. Yep, sold out as I was checking out. Went with Drift as its seemingly the next cheapest. $31 shipped. Thanks everybody, I should read the thread next time.
  7. I'm actually dumb and didn't see all those links. Norman seems to have the cheapest shipping though.... should I go with them?
  8. No Dinked left at Resident or Banquet. Bummer.
  9. Great album. Copped an orange immediately when I got the email.. if I hadn’t though, I almost certainly woulda whiffed on this. Didn’t expect it to sell out like that. Hope ‘initial repress’ means there’s more down the line for more folks.
  10. $42 for a double album shipped isn't bad. $42 for a double album I won't receive for ten months (if nothing is delayed) is bad. I like TRST too. This can't ever be the norm.
  11. Little bump. Still willing to deal or do multi discounts. If you see anything in my collection link you'd offer on, feel free. There's rarities in there, not all considered for sale but you might find what you're seeking. Thanks to all who already purchased.