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  1. Try DMing him thru IG. He just made a post about making whatever copies are left available to those who missed out,. but I think it's only thru DM. Worth a shot. @redalert.records
  2. I was there on the dot for this, after the Raygun fiasco I wasn't missing this. The amount of nerd salt on social media is unbelievable. Looks like a lotta people missed out.
  3. I have been sorting through some of my foreign / rarer cassettes (finally) and putting em up on Discogs to sell, and I thought some might be interested in this tool I found. http://www.betterontape.com/index.php It's like Popsike but just for cassettes, as in it tracks past Ebay sales of items you search for. I'm surprised I haven't come across it til now. It's come in pretty handy for some of these foreign cassettes from Korea or Italy or whatever, which might not have any sales data on Discogs yet and as a result I have struggled to price. I'm wondering if anyone has been using this already and their experience, as to it's accuracy. For one small example: I have a Taiwanese press of The Cure - Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me. I don't even remember where I got it. It's got a huge fold out insert with a bunch of foreign lyrics and pictures of the guys, and the cover art is unaltered - sometimes other countries shrink it down or something. According to Discogs, never been sold, 49 people want, and I'm apparently the only owner. On Better On Tape, it shows this tape being sold twice - one in July '18 for $150 (!!) and a 'little moldy' one in December '18 for $120. Using this method, I've attempted to price some of these others, old Rolling Stones, Eurythmics, japanese Beatles tapes etc. that seem to be rare. I guess I'm wondering if these results can be trusted. I don't do a lot of Ebay stuff, so I'm assuming a lot. Like, when 'number of bids' is just 1, that seems fishy, but I know the Buy It Now option is much more used so that's probably what that is, right? Also, both these sales appear to be from the same guy, given the picture showing the identical table underneath, similar layout and some of the text being word for word - however the tapes do have minor differences in the pics so I don't think this dude just relisted the same tape twice, or, I dunno... bought from himself to drive up the price. Right? Anyway I ended up listing my tape for $129, seeing if anyone will bite. That's the only data I have so I'm rolling with it. Anyone have Ebay experiences that might shed light? Maybe those who actually actively search and hunt on Ebay for this type of thing. Do people actually buy from themselves or make dubious listings just to raise the price later? I'm unfamiliar with Ebay tactics. Thanks for reading this far, and if anything else, have fun with that little tool!
  4. Yeah, not a fan of those shadow policies that suddenly come into effect. I know Paypal does that sorta thing. For newer labels just putting out first product thru Bandcamp or whatever, if they make a certain amount of money in a short time like that, they just freeze your funds until things are reviewed and accounted for, or something like that. Meaning you can't accept money for the product, and any money you have collected is unusable until they decide to free them up, so if it's a preorder (you need the money to make the thing) it just jams up the whole process for weeks or months. I suppose it's to stop shady or criminal behavior, but it looks like 95% of the time it's just a huge headache for people attempting to do legitimate business. I'm surprised Discogs, being the company it is now, doesn't have a man on deck at all times to fix these financial issues. Or like, a phone number. Especially after rolling out some shiny new payment method. I'm sure you're not the only one who's had an issue like this. Sorry bro.
  5. I constantly get those notifications that encourage me to set up my Discogs payments, going on and on about how people are more likely to buy, etc. I haven't yet out of pure laziness - now I'm glad I didn't. However, checks are pretty easy to get. I have checks solely to pay the rent, I don't use them for anything else, so one book lasts me a long time. Shouldn't take longer than a week or so to acquire them. Would they accept an online printout or something?
  6. This is literally the only time I've ever wanted a band bundle, cuz that shirt kicks ass. Really too bad.
  7. Seems good now. Grabbed em. Surprised “150 bundles” hasn’t sold out.
  8. Discogs is a wonderful, informative tool. It is not a complete database. There are millions of releases that have not been added yet. I have a few dozen random tapes that have no listing yet, and not like "27th US cassette press of Thriller with clear shell instead of black shell," I mean entire pressings from various countries have no data. I've noticed a significant lack of Korean cassette pressing info, for example. I have many Korean cassettes of 70's/80's albums that I randomly acquired that, according to Discogs right now, do not exist. So that's not helpful to just say 'go to discogs' because they don't have all the answers.
  9. I have no reason to believe that any of those foreign cassettes are different from standard ones released in USA. I don't think it's a PAL/NTSC deal here where they are incompatible. No reason to make new tech or region lockouts, really. As for the database, well, if some brave soul tried to compile ALL the releases in this niche - 2000-2010 pop albums released on foreign cassette only - I'd love to see it too. You'd probably have to do some tricky google searches and try to find like-minded tapeheads who are into this sort of thing. While I enjoy them and desire them, it is kind of only in passing or as a novelty, and most of those albums I would want I already have the record, so it's never been necessary enough to do a bunch of research or pour money into it. Maybe aim a little further back - I've had luck finding tapes for very late 90's albums when we were still making them, like System Of A Down, Radiohead etc. I found a whole stack of KoRn tapes in a bookstore and I just couldn't leave them there. While they're definitely out there I consider them kinda rare, and I don't think the band or the label is interested in reissuing them on tape format. Regardless, I wish you luck. And if you find a good source of foreign cassettes, you better hook this apple up too. 😉
  10. Most labels were not making US cassettes for major releases during that time frame because the American market had dried up. Later towards 2010 some companies changed their stance on this. However, other countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Ukraine etc still relied on this technology as cheap media for mass consumption, so major labels did still make cassettes for them. So for releases from that time you will probably have to look for foreign releases if you're dead set on having it on cassette. For instance Bob Dylan - Love and Theft. If I look at the Discogs page for that release, in 2001, I see no US cassette releases were made - but there are entries for Netherlands, Poland, Malaysia, Turkey, Russia. Discogs will be a very useful tool for you in this quest. I have an affinity for foreign cassettes that were never released here for some bands like The Killers, Bloc Party, Snow Patrol etc. but prices are usually not worth it due to international shipping. A common seller tactic is to list for very cheap to get your attention, then jack up the shipping rate astronomically. And of course the rate of internet usage is most likely lower than the US so not many sellers. Hope this helps.
  11. Calm your tits Satan. Jesus. I don't have 10, even 5 vinyl savvy friends I discuss any of this with. Most peoples eyes glaze over and I can tell they don't care. He went to a place where people would definitely care. And I'm pretty sure he's gonna do it even if you don't think it'll be useful.