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  1. You are correct about the cease and desist letters. In general, in this day and age, video game boots tend to be labors of love by genuine fans, and great care is taken with not only the audio but the visual package and extras, stickers, prints. I have very rarely been disappointed, most often I'm floored by the presentation, and if the sound is bad it's usually a lathe cut. That said, this Tony Hawk boot doesn't seem to have the same love and care. Seems hastily made, and it somehow looks like it will sound bad. I still want it though.
  2. New and sealed. I bought one Japandroids years ago as a warehouse buy, unsealed, and they slapped a big circular Amazon Warehouse sticker at the center of the opening to the jacket, like wrapped from front to back. You could knife the sticker so you could actually open the jacket OR attempt to peel it off and ruin the jacket. Never bought a warehouse record again.
  3. Got my first Amazon record delivery with no box, just a shipping sticker slapped on the shrinkwrap. ☹️ To be fair this is the first time it's happened in years of buying stuff from them, but... it defies all logic. How can ANYONE think it'll arrive fine that way? Much less a warehouse guy who's job it is to ship these safely? It's just a Weezer record I bought on a whim so I'm glad it's not anything valuable.
  4. Free shipping over $35 total order, too. That is notably for the subtotal BEFORE discount is applied. Your final total can be below $35 and you'll still get free shipping. I don't know why but I was a total freak about this. I very carefully made separate orders of 3 records each that hovered near the same price to achieve maximum discount, checking Discogs to make sure I was getting a good deal to begin with. Their site isn't the easiest though, I painstakingly went through 75 pages of vinyl, and there's duplicate entries for some reason. I think it was worth it in the end. Scored Tortoise-TNT, Battles-Mirrored, Gil-Scott Heron -The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, Rushmore OST, Scott Pilgrim, Lauryn Hill, Daniel Johnston, they had Amnesiac and Hail To The Thief, even stuff I wouldn't guess they'd stock like Autechre, Deakin and Jpegmafia. Worth a look.
  5. Anybody else hop on that Target Buy 2 Vinyl Get One Free online special today? I bought a bit too much but with some digging I found they had some pretty good stuff.
  6. If anyone is interested, I am currently holding a raffle in the facebook group Video Game Vinyl Collectors to support BLM. Boots ahoy.
  7. I, too, keep checking back for Nick Drake, and the one day I'm not...
  8. Instant buy. Thank you. Bullmoose is indeed cheaper as it usually is
  9. Only wanted 3 things, was there at drop time, all three in cart - two already sold out. While I'm refreshing just in case, the third one goes. That kinda sucked. Oh well.
  10. Start. A. People. Vinyl. Hell, Mystic Thickness on tape or record would make more sense. Oh well. I love Tobacco everything but I don’t need to pick this up, I’ve managed to avoid partaking in this particular obsolete media.
  11. I realize this isn't the sales forum but anyone lurking here would be the most interested. I have some vet bills to pay and want to get rid of some vapor records. If you're interested in any of these please PM me. If not allowed then feel free to delete post. Death's Dynamic Shroud.wmv - Across The Pacific HKE - Dragon Soul James Ferraro - Human Story 3 Meltnet - Virtual Erotica Moe Shop - Moe Moe Night Tempo - Fantasy (1st press) Software - Digital-Dance Various Artists - The Future Of Funk Vol. 1 (black vinyl first press)
  12. Bundle, baby. I know it's ridiculous but perhaps some will be trading fodder.
  13. I'm sure you can just email em and see if they'll switch it. I hopped on this as soon as I saw the post on reddit but if there's multiple variants at same limit I generally pick the one closest to the album art, so it's all good with me.