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  1. Totally slipped my mind on this, checked the site for kicks and there was one splatter left! It said sold out so maybe this was a refunded copy or something, hoping it goes through.
  2. Rough it’s already gone. This was the only Circa record I was still hunting for.
  3. Succumbed to the FOMO. I don’t have any microphones albums right now but I always enjoy acquiring a total discography so I don’t have to hunt. 25 bucks an album isn’t terrible nowadays. EDIT: Wait. It’s 25 per disc. So it’s more like 35 per album. Dang. But, uh, book downloads etc pls let me justify this
  4. The deed is done. We’ll see what happens But thank you for your input, it’ll inform me if I have trouble with this first order. There is nothing I loathe more than being forced to track down orders and where they are
  5. Anyone have experience with Jpc.de? After searching for any shops online with any Glow On for sale, they were literally the only one with any in stock, but I’ve never ordered from them. Only saw one tiny Reddit mention about them being legit.
  6. Annoyed that I’m the two minutes I took to get away at work they were all gone. Seems like I’ll never get Watch Out and Crisis
  7. This has happened to me too. Smaller labels have left me on radio silence after many messages, but once I open the dispute they suddenly respond. They’ve also tried the ‘I can only help you after you’ve closed the dispute’ which is just ridiculous and incorrect. You can help me right now, actually. And when you make it right, I’ll end the dispute. Nah, they don’t like that. 🤷‍♂️
  8. Coming back in to say after waiting a while they simply refunded the whole order. I got 7 lightly battered Japanese House records for free, so I’d say that’s good customer service in the end. I’m really just honestly baffled how record labels still don’t seem to know how to ship LP’s. It’s kind of their business. How does any label haphazardly throw records in a box and be like ‘yep looks good’ and send it off overseas. A lot of frustration could be saved with some bubble wrap and a 10 minute YouTube video. oh well. Positive for Dirty Hit making it right.
  9. Currently having an expensive issue with Dirty Hit in the UK, can anyone anecdote or vouch for them? Ordered 7 records and they came in a box with nothing inside, they bounced around from the UK to the states and every single one is damaged. 2 are the incorrect variant. Got a canned response requesting pictures which I provided many but no response pertaining to any action.
  10. Must have restocked a couple because I was just able to order from OP link, no intl shipping needed.
  11. I am being evicted at the end of the month so I am trying to get rid of extra records to make a little safety net. Shipping is included in the price. PayPal G+S is best. Only shipping to US for now. 100% positive on Discogs for years and have traded here before. Castle Face Compilation - Velvet Underground & Nico (NM/NM) Unripe banana variant, played once $25 Derek & The Dominos - Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs (NM/NM) 2020 press on clear yellow vinyl, sealed and new $35 The Flaming Lips - With A Little Help From My Fwends (NM/NM) Orange Marble played once $22 Iceage - You're Nothing (NM/VG+) Black vinyl, one creases corner $14 Iceage - Plowing Through The Fields Of Love (NM/VG+) Black vinyl light wear $16 Lord Finesse - The Awakening (NM/NM) Clear w/ gold and black splatter, VMP release, unplayed $28 Mae - Multisensory Aesthetic Experience (NM/NM) Purple and clear vinyl, sealed and new $25 Marika Hackman - I’m Not Your Man (NM/NM) Black vinyl, played once $14 Michael Nau -Less Ready To Go (NM/NM) Jellybean vinyl edition limited to 20 - obi strip and insert, never played $100 Mura Masa - Mura Masa (NM/NM) Black vinyl, SIGNED LP Sealed $22 Nothing - Tired Of Tomorrow (NM/NM) Grey vinyl UK import limited to 300 with hype sticker $20 Photay - Waking Hours (NM/NM) Gold vinyl limited to 300, VMP press sealed and new $40 Queens Of The Stone Age - Lullabies To Paralyze (NM/NM) OG Press orange and purple marble vinyl with alt cover, still in shrink, unplayed, maybe a touch of light shelf wear $100 Redman - Muddy Waters (NM/NM) Smoky Green vinyl, VMP press, unplayed never opened $40 Richard Houghten - Music For Drifters (NM/VG+) Pink holographic vinyl, jacket has little noticeable nick in the corner of the front, otherwise excellent jacket $50 Yoni & Geti - Testarossa (NM/NM) Bone vinyl, played once $20 The Zombies - R.I.P. (NM/NM) Black vinyl RSD release played once $12 VAPORWAVE Desired - Lovestory (NM/NM) Picture disc Unplayed $70 Equip, Drew Wise - Synthetic Core 88 (NM/NM) Picture disc unplayed $80 Haircuts For Men - Marble Fantasy (NM/NM) second press clear w/ black and green splatter, never played $75 Night Tempo - Fantasy (NM/NM) First press black vinyl with original art, unplayed $63 Runescape 2 cassette (NM/NM) 2nd press glitter tape, unopened $45 Saint Pepsi - Empire Building (NM/NM) 2nd press white vinyl, unplayed $60 Saint Pepsi - Mannequin Challenge (NM/NM) First press clear with gold blob, sealed and new $60 Saint Pepsi - Studio 54 (NM/NM) First press red with orange splatter, sealed and new $50 Supersex420 and Tendencies - Split LP (NM/NM) Pink vinyl, unplayed $55 TEST PRESSING Surfing - Deep Fantasy (NM/VG+) black vinyl, make an offer VGM Diddy Kong Racing Donkey Kong Country 3 Double Dragon Illusion Of Gaia Mario Kart 64 Metroid Prime Pokémon Snap Super Mario 64 Super Mario Sunshine Super Smash Bros Tony Hawk Pro Skater
  12. $47.79 to the US for one copy. I am buying this for the bonus songs and on the provision that I sell my OG as well, it's the only way to balance the cost. That's frankly outrageous to charge but I'm a sucker because it's a pivotal album in my early exploration phase.
  13. Just... make a little effort and post in a couple threads that interest you. Meet the basic threshold for participation then you can lurk all you want.