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  1. I'm sure you can just email em and see if they'll switch it. I hopped on this as soon as I saw the post on reddit but if there's multiple variants at same limit I generally pick the one closest to the album art, so it's all good with me.
  2. Try DMing him thru IG. He just made a post about making whatever copies are left available to those who missed out,. but I think it's only thru DM. Worth a shot. @redalert.records
  3. I was there on the dot for this, after the Raygun fiasco I wasn't missing this. The amount of nerd salt on social media is unbelievable. Looks like a lotta people missed out.
  4. I have been sorting through some of my foreign / rarer cassettes (finally) and putting em up on Discogs to sell, and I thought some might be interested in this tool I found. http://www.betterontape.com/index.php It's like Popsike but just for cassettes, as in it tracks past Ebay sales of items you search for. I'm surprised I haven't come across it til now. It's come in pretty handy for some of these foreign cassettes from Korea or Italy or whatever, which might not have any sales data on Discogs yet and as a result I have struggled to price. I'm wondering if anyone has been using this already and their experience, as to it's accuracy. For one small example: I have a Taiwanese press of The Cure - Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me. I don't even remember where I got it. It's got a huge fold out insert with a bunch of foreign lyrics and pictures of the guys, and the cover art is unaltered - sometimes other countries shrink it down or something. According to Discogs, never been sold, 49 people want, and I'm apparently the only owner. On Better On Tape, it shows this tape being sold twice - one in July '18 for $150 (!!) and a 'little moldy' one in December '18 for $120. Using this method, I've attempted to price some of these others, old Rolling Stones, Eurythmics, japanese Beatles tapes etc. that seem to be rare. I guess I'm wondering if these results can be trusted. I don't do a lot of Ebay stuff, so I'm assuming a lot. Like, when 'number of bids' is just 1, that seems fishy, but I know the Buy It Now option is much more used so that's probably what that is, right? Also, both these sales appear to be from the same guy, given the picture showing the identical table underneath, similar layout and some of the text being word for word - however the tapes do have minor differences in the pics so I don't think this dude just relisted the same tape twice, or, I dunno... bought from himself to drive up the price. Right? Anyway I ended up listing my tape for $129, seeing if anyone will bite. That's the only data I have so I'm rolling with it. Anyone have Ebay experiences that might shed light? Maybe those who actually actively search and hunt on Ebay for this type of thing. Do people actually buy from themselves or make dubious listings just to raise the price later? I'm unfamiliar with Ebay tactics. Thanks for reading this far, and if anything else, have fun with that little tool!
  5. Yeah, not a fan of those shadow policies that suddenly come into effect. I know Paypal does that sorta thing. For newer labels just putting out first product thru Bandcamp or whatever, if they make a certain amount of money in a short time like that, they just freeze your funds until things are reviewed and accounted for, or something like that. Meaning you can't accept money for the product, and any money you have collected is unusable until they decide to free them up, so if it's a preorder (you need the money to make the thing) it just jams up the whole process for weeks or months. I suppose it's to stop shady or criminal behavior, but it looks like 95% of the time it's just a huge headache for people attempting to do legitimate business. I'm surprised Discogs, being the company it is now, doesn't have a man on deck at all times to fix these financial issues. Or like, a phone number. Especially after rolling out some shiny new payment method. I'm sure you're not the only one who's had an issue like this. Sorry bro.
  6. I constantly get those notifications that encourage me to set up my Discogs payments, going on and on about how people are more likely to buy, etc. I haven't yet out of pure laziness - now I'm glad I didn't. However, checks are pretty easy to get. I have checks solely to pay the rent, I don't use them for anything else, so one book lasts me a long time. Shouldn't take longer than a week or so to acquire them. Would they accept an online printout or something?
  7. This is literally the only time I've ever wanted a band bundle, cuz that shirt kicks ass. Really too bad.
  8. Seems good now. Grabbed em. Surprised “150 bundles” hasn’t sold out.
  9. Calm your tits Satan. Jesus. I don't have 10, even 5 vinyl savvy friends I discuss any of this with. Most peoples eyes glaze over and I can tell they don't care. He went to a place where people would definitely care. And I'm pretty sure he's gonna do it even if you don't think it'll be useful.
  10. I wrote them like 2 weeks ago and got an automated response that basically said "shits takin a while but its coming,". It finally showed up today.
  11. Don't do that, man. Your icon is a logo, and you've shared your website where you sell these. That's your goal, right? That's fine and all and I don't want to sound excluding, because I sincerely DO like what you build - but this is a community of enthusiasts and not really an entrepreneur's playground. Self advertising is frowned upon. If you must peddle, could you at least keep it to one thread? Please do not make a thread every time you build something. As Randy Savage said, people would be more inclined to take notice or chat it up if you've been around a while or contributed anything towards vinyl discussion, but you're brand new, so. Do you like records? If so, what kind?
  12. Thought this looked mighty familiar. I saw your previous posts when it linked to a website. I can offer my two cents if you want. I’ve always wanted storage like a record store, that is, flippable racks at standing level. So naturally I like some of your designs more than others. I realize it’s all customizable to the buyer’s needs or wants, and that what’s on the site are just finished designs for other previous customers, probably. My biggest issue is the price. I’m just a regular dude with a regular job, and although I spend thousands on records in a year, it is difficult to justify dropping 700, 800 bucks on ONE piece of furniture that holds 200 records, when I have a few thousand. I would sooner buy a few box sets, or substantially upgrade my system for that money. Especially when I can reliably buy Kallax anytime for a fraction of the price. I enjoy looking through - the furniture looks high quality and the designs really well thought out most of the time, so it’s fun to fantasize about owning them. I’ll just always have a better use for that kind of money. I’m probably not your target market though. If records were a passing fancy for me and I had only a couple hundred records, or enough to just fill one of your record shop style stands, I’d more strongly consider it, because I wouldn’t need anything more. But my collection grows constantly.
  13. I have a couple variants of Poly if you're interested. This one, that one and the other. Be happy to sell you one. Lmk
  14. It could very well have to do with your record player, rather than crazy bad luck with these brand new LP's. If you do not have an adjustable tonearm, that would explain a great majority of these cases. Older record players and even some newer models (like Crosley) don't have this simple enhancement, which alleviates a lot of the grief of imperfect vinyl. Dunno what you got but if it's a constant problem it might be worth springing for a slightly better table.
  15. I will have a big old borrowed tent, which will safely keep em out of sunlight, for free! Wasn't intending to drop a lotta bills on just getting the tent up and running, and a lot of friends and acquaintances have offered their equipment in this endeavor. A good friend is donating 4 awesome apple crates that are pretty perfect at holding 50 records apiece. Besides the tent I guess I'm just worried about the humidity, wondering if I should keep a fan around. Most info I've found says if it's not one of the hottest days of the year, as long as they're out of sunlight it should be fine for one day. As for the no food and drink, I'm considering keeping a big box of complimentary hand wipes or something. Please Clean Hands Before Handling Records? Anyone have suggestions for makeshift dividers for alphabet, genre, etc? I asked a buddy who runs a music store if he had spares, no luck, and he recommended to make my own out of poster board or something if I didn't wanna drop 75 bucks on 30 plastic dividers that are essentially just blank and properly cut and not worth the retail price. Also - individual price stickers. I wanted to avoid stickers, because I hate em. Not sticking anything to sleeves or, god forbid, jackets. Tempted to print a couple hundred custom ... cards, I guess? That go inside the clear sleeve to indicate band, title, condition, genre, price, small description. Most of the used will be delegated to $2, $3, $4, $5 batches and won't require individual cards. Sorry to go on and on but I keep thinkin of stuff as I go. Probably not hugely thrilling to any of you but I'd still like to hear your thoughts.
  16. So I sorta impulsively signed up to be a vendor at a street festival in a (very) small town, selling records and tapes. I've always sorta wanted to run a record shop, but apart from passively selling on Discogs for a few years (totaling maybe 400 transactions at 100% positive) I really haven't dipped my toes into any real selling face to face with the public, or had a physical storefront in any way. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced or is familiar with a similar type of deal, selling outside outta crates under a tent, and has any advice, stories, warnings, speculation, etc. I'd very much like to hear it. I don't expect to make money, and anyway that wouldn't be the point. It's more to just see if I can do it, and it's an uncomfortable step into the unknown that might be educational.The plan is to sell about half modern stuff, half vintage. I have plenty of stock in my collection but by restricting to those I wouldn't mind losing or making back at cost for whatever reason, in my opinion it doesn't completely look like something you'd be satisfied pawing through, so I threw in some high roller items, some more well known albums I could replace pretty easily if ever I was inclined, a couple box sets and weird lookin things. Haven't gotten to the tapes yet but I have managed a lot of desirable modern and vintage cassettes in my collection that aren't junk, Pixies and Sonic Youth and stuff, so I'm confident in that area. I do have worries and concerns, biggest ones right now being the temperature (supposed to be 84 degrees, probably a bit of humidity, and it's from 12-10pm) and peoples goddamn hands being covered in some sort of festival saucy ass food grabbing records like 'whoopsie'. But I wonder if there's anything I'm missing. My friend offered her Square reader after I assumed I'd just be cash only, for example, so I'm wondering of the ramifications of that if I am not a business, but hey, I sell on Discogs no problem, so what's wrong with this? Not sure. Anyway, do post if you have anything to say about it. It's on Saturday so I'll be pricing things til then.
  17. Also, sorry for the double post, but if anyone else is also looking for that Balkans record, they're having a reunion show in LA in Oct - there will be records there. I Facebooked the band to see if they'd sell me one directly and they said they're gonna get them online 'eventually, hang tight". There's hope!
  18. I see. I may have found another Japanese site selling em that might save me like 10 bucks total so I might just do it. It's a bit steep but always better than aftermarket hunting. Appreciate the tip! Don't know who Shiina Ringo is, gonna have to look into that... Thanks Randy!!
  19. Wow, excellent! 3 albums are up! Good to know. Might have to search around for a slightly better price but if I can't I'm definitely hoppin on this. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. HMV has a 20% coupon up so it seemed good but it said 'members only' - so I went through the whole registration process to find that annoyingly, and inexplicably, these albums aren't applicable. Womp womp.
  20. Hello VC. I have really curtailed my new record spending, and as a result have begun to instead try and acquire items from my wantlist. Some items have been in there for years so I'm trying to do the work. Making offers, searching for represses, messaging people with these in their collection... I have been somewhat successful. Most have been elusive, but I'm determined to start making a dent in this. This is a small but essential sample of what I'm looking for. If you own any of these and don't particularly want them, please PM me and I will buy it from you. I'm located in the US. ULTIMATE ALL TIME WANTS LPS Balkans - Balkans Beat Connection - Surf Noir EP Black Moth Super Rainbow - Lost, Picking Flowers In The Woods Black Moth Super Rainbow - The Autumn Kaleidoscope Got Changed (Sing To Us) Captain Murphy - Duality Casa Del Mirto - 1979 The Changes - Today Is Tonight Com Truise - Galactic Melt (hoping for original press with orange cover) Com Truise - Cyanide Sisters Com Truise - Fairlight Department Of Eagles - Cold Nose (Whitey On The Moon) Enemies - We've Been Talking The Futureheads - The Futureheads Kill West - Kill West EP Knxwledge - Klouds (or anything Knxlwedge really) Maps And Atlases - Trees, Swallows, Houses (all variants except brown w/ black print, and black w/ gold print) Mclusky - My Pain And Sadness Is More Sad And Painful Than Yours Mclusky - The Difference Between You And Me Is That I'm Not On Fire Mr. Oizo - Analog Worms Attack Nicolas Jaar - Space Is Only Noise (original press with all tracks before track was removed, ONLY) Number Girl - Num-Heavymetallic (and any others) Nouns - Still Bummed Street Smart Cyclist - Discography Teams - Dxys Xff Tobacco - Maniac Meat (red vinyl) The Tremolo Beer Gut - anything (except Inebriated Sounds Of..) The Twilight Sad - Here, It Never Snowed, Afterward It Did The Whitest Boy Alive - Dreams CASSETTE Cosmic Sound - VHS Vision Daddy's Hands - any tape The Growlers - Beach Goth Machine Girl - WLFGRL Matthewdavid - Jewelry Nouns - Still Bummed Sumsun - Samo Milagro Torn Hawk - Through Force Of Will YYU - Karaoke Non-rare LP's that might be floating around unwanted: A Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step Angel Olsen - Strange Cacti Aniaml Collective - Feels Animal Collective - Sung Tongs Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam Bibio - Ambivalence Avenue Connie Converse - How Sad, How Lovely Cupp Cave - Retina Waves Dead Milkmen - anything besides Big Lixard and Beezlebubba) Devendra Banhart - Rejoicing In The Hands (or anything) The Dodos - Beware Of The Maniacs Fang Island - Fang Island Games - That We Can Play Keane - Under The Iron Sea Mndsgn - any LP Neon Indian - Psychic Chasms Possessed (with 2nd disc - prefer the off-color cover OP version) Ought - any LP Pixies - all of em Portishead - Dummy Rogue Wave - Out Of The Shadow Sublime - Sublime Why? - Elephant Eyelash Young Montana - Limerence

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