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  1. Sounds great, no problems and virtually no surface noise - although I haven't been lucky enough to compare it to other Dandelion Gum releases. Although it's the most common release of this album I'm still proud of it.
  2. I'd love to own this, but the price is steep even for someone who tends to pay ridiculous prices for things, i.e. me. Not crazy about international shipping either. I don't have a problem with the picture disc part, my few picture discs that I own have treated me well and have never sounded shitty. I guess I can understand the hate for them but it's never meant lower quality than a standard LP to me - all it has meant is no record jacket. Maybe I haven't had enough experience with picture discs.
  3. I think you might be right. They sent me a nice message saying my preorder was shipped and on it's way. Very rarely do I get those types of messages, that's all I really ask for.
  4. Not too much craziness but I do find myself lurking ebay when I'm bored. As I've said elsewhere I got a mint Flaming Lips/Neon Indian RSD thing for 8, and Ceremony - Rohnert Park for 8 as well. Recently I got Crystal Skulls for 5, which was unbelievable, it's not really expensive or rare I just can't FIND it anywhere. Only other time I found it was someone on this site and they never got back to me. I am curious how you guys search on ebay. What I listen to doesn't really fit the stereotype of the site and often just searching for a name of a band results in nothing, or some 'Buy It Now' listings that I would never do at that price. I usually hit 33 and 45 RPM, LP and Double LP and EP, and Auction Only and go by the stuff that's ending soonest and just sift pages until I'm done or bored. I don't really do singles. Any better methods?
  5. Is that a real issue with Kraftwerk - The Mix? Anyone confirm? I love that album and did consider getting it.
  6. Been spending way too much time sifting through ebay lately, but I did snag Ceremony - Rohnert Park (1st press on blue) and the Flaming Lips / Neon Indian RSD collaboration on some kind of translucent pink, both unplayed for about 12 bucks each including shipping. The Flaming Lips one was sold by someone here who made a thread about it, so thank you, if I ever remember who you are.
  7. Wait wait wait, hold on. People are trying to make MONEY off of making limited presses and color variants??! No fucking shit. Even though vinyl sales are on the steady increase, people still need to know they're going to make a profit from pressing records. This is one way to do it while pleasing the fans. I see no problem. It's not a requirement to buy these things. I'm inconvenienced in a really minor way when the only presses of certain albums are special over-the-top editions (an easy example to point to that's discussed here are the early Circa Survive records) but it doesn't matter in the long run. A great majority of Circa fans would buy a plain black repress of those albums and love it to death. If people want to hunt down other variants, let them. The reason doesn't matter much. At first glance, it looks like nobody on that board has listened to music made in the last 20 years.
  8. Google. I was trying to find Maps & Atlases - Trees, Swallows, Houses on vinyl, discogs had none and somehow came across this. Still looking.
  9. I pestered Bleep when my record just didn't show and they said there was some mistake with the order, I didn't get any details but they offered me another item off the site of equal value or a refund, which I did take and was provided to me. That was all fine, it's just the idea that people can take the customer's money and just not send anything and unless the customer speaks up and gets a response, you just threw your money in a hole. In the case of Candy Claws, I emailed them and Two Syllables said there had been 'considerable setbacks regarding production' and they're repressing it, and just just be patient - but again, no details at all about when it can be expected to arrive, or what exactly happened to make it two months late, and now I've probably got to pester them again if I don't get it within another month or so. I don't think any of this stuff is malicious, it just seems sloppy, It seems like regular customers can easily just get lost in the shuffle.
  10. I can't read through 50 pages so I'm sorry if it's reiterating, but pre-orders have been the new headache. I pre-ordered Bibio's record from this year and it just never came, I believe that was from Bleep. I pre-ordered Candy Claws' LP from this year, order was placed in August and it was supposed to ship out in September - never came. I pre-ordered Son Lux's new thing and 1994!'s iPhone record and I'm just praying. If these don't work I'm probably off of pre-orders forever. Pre-order now says to me 'Hey, it might happen and it might not.' EDIT: Forgot to say that the Candy Claws was from Two Syllables Records, and it was actually supposed to ship in August, not September.
  11. Am I misreading this? These are all buy one get one free, right? That's what it says next to each item. I tried adding one record to the bag, then another, and the second reads $0.00. So, these are clearance records to begin with, but you get DOUBLE of everything you buy for free, and if it hits $30 it's free shipping? I could end up with 6 brand new records for around thirty bucks, three to keep, three to sell or give away.
  12. Grabbed the Acceptance EP because I used to play the hell out of the CD when I was younger, and the Awkward Robot tape because I have a thing for tapes. Thanks man.

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