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  1. I'm not huge on everything around Mezmerize/Hypnotize but Steal This Album! is definitely worth a listen. It is the only 2xLP and therefore the most expensive, though.
  2. That Daughters collection.
  3. Then that particular record has had way more chances to get scratched / acquire dust / roll around in the jacket and cause impacts / etc. Don’t list as mint. angryalan up up there is right. If it’s anything other than completely sealed, it shouldn’t be listed as Mint media, and if a seller lists as Mint and mentions it’s open or ‘just opened to view color’ then it’s not mint. Sellers should be more careful and factual but buyers should be more aware that most people don’t grade correctly. If the sound is messed up, I’d return that immediately. If it’s just non-audible paper scuffs on a rare irreplaceable record, I’d probably just suck it up.
  4. I got everything in my cart for a euro shipment, but I’m still waiting. Just in case.
  5. I did grab a clear splatter, without having been able to see the 'blue' everyone was saying - now that I see it, it's the tiniest difference. Always astounded at this kinda stuff. Of course I guess we'll see when they arrive. Never grabbed the OG because I wasn't huge on the album at first, looks like sleeping wasn't the worst thing to do in terms of sound quality.
  6. I appreciate this. Saw the post and was hemming and hawing, then this morning I saw like 45 left on my phone and the time to hesitate was through. I was surprised they lasted that long honestly. Have been trying to get my hands on these since learning of the band, so this was very convenient. Cost as much as a Gizzard but if you thought of it like you got two albums for 50 bucks it hurts less. Still, only half the the supply. I'm sure there will be another shot.
  7. More than half gone, yall might wanna hop on that. I know there's a lot of tape hate but the bonus material is probably going to be worth it. Looks like same style as the Panic Blooms library clamshell, which looks really good I might add. Hopin that rumored vinyl comes soon too. Been waiting for this! If the past is any indication though there will be a repress or a restock at some point.
  8. Yeah, I can't. That's nuts. Love Doom but this is too nuts. Every version is fifty bucks. What a shame and a waste.
  9. Affiliation with Trump has more ramifications than ever, especially considering current news that is probably way way out of topic's range. Anyway. I was trying to get at the point of political leanings not having an effect on the listener's critical reaction to the music - if it's good, it's good.
  10. Nah. That's not what I meant. I meant Cosby, Weinstein, Louis C.K. Careers ruined at the drop of a hat. Anyone in showbiz smart enough is keeping their racism to themselves. Whatever you want to call it is fine. EDIT: I realize those are all sex-related while Roseanne's is not, but it still had the same backlash. Roseanne wasn't fired for having an 'opposing political view'.
  11. Roseanne shoulda been a little smarter. Given the 'political climate' of valuable entertainment figures being toppled in public for past actions with swift and painful consequences, tweeting some racist shit wasn't very bright. You can't cancel Roseanne because she's racist - you can, as a company, choose to distance yourself from what is publicly tainted and of now questionable profitability. It's a good idea now. But you can still watch Roseanne and not be a supporter of racism.
  12. ...wait, what? Cake? *quickly googles* Aw shit, man. Shit shit shit. It's almost as bad as the lostprophets guy. Except with a band I kinda sorta like sometimes. Not to mention Michael Jackson, R Kelly, all that stuff. And the Brand New guy.
  13. I slept on the initial link due to extremely tight funds at the time - looks like this is now available on bullmoose and amoeba.

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