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  1. https://shop.brooklynvegan.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/lars-frederikson-to-victory-limited-edition-royal-blue-with-black-galaxy-lp-only-500-made
  2. Vinyl Me Please variant https://www.vinylmeplease.com/products/idles-crawler?variant=39317844459610
  3. Posted this on another forum for you and came up with this so far: I don't know what it is, but SPG II indicates the record was cut by Stan Getz II in Dallas, either for A+R or Getzone, in November 2015 (1511: 15=2015, 11=November).
  4. I'd give it time, they can be quirky at times but always come through. Website says issue begins shipping in late August and I imagine it's media mail. I am actually about to re-up my subscription as it looks like it recently ran out and I didn't know it. Got to have the Bronx issue.
  5. Vinyl Me Please variant...not sure why it's so expensive https://www.vinylmeplease.com/products/robert-plant-alison-krauss-raise-the-roof?variant=39465826844762
  6. https://www.hellomerch.com/collections/strand-of-oaks/products/in-heaven-translucent-blue-exclusive-vinyl PRE-ORDER NOW! THIS AND ALL PRODUCTS ORDERED WITH IT WILL SHIP ON OR AROUND OCTOBER 1ST! Exclusive Vinyl color not available anywhere else! 12" Translucent Blue Vinyl In Heaven [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition LP] https://recordstoreday.com/UPC/787790340850 I guess the indie exclusive is different than the blue vinyl?
  7. Absurdly priced, be warned. Presumably due to getting screwed over by Pledge Music from the sounds of it. Limited-edition collection of The Posies Geffen albums in slipcase. LPs are on colored vinyl. We’re really pleased to at long last, offer these to you Posies fans the way we had originally intended. There are about 200 CD sets and slightly less than 150 LP sets, so this sale is to our mailing list only. http://omnivorerecordings.com/shop/the-geffen-years/ This month’s special sale is truly special. For those who have been following along with us, and jumped on the Omnivore train because of your love of great pop music, you may remember that in our efforts to reissue The Posies albums (Dear 23, Frosting On The Beater, and Amazing Disgrace) we had a Pledge Music campaign. We had to do this to offset the tremendous costs of putting these out the way the band and Omnivore wanted them presented—with attention to detail, quality and making them as comprehensive as possible. The Posies guys being the awesome guys they are, jumped in whole-heartedly. How were any of us to know that Pledge would crash and burn, and take the money with it? We had zero recourse, because Pledge was a company located in the UK. All our efforts were for naught and we wound up in the hole. Further, when we changed distributors, we couldn’t locate the special colored vinyl we’d made for the campaign in the warehouse. Well, we had to change distributors again last year and some of our missing stock showed up. So we made up as many slipcase sets as we could and are going to offer them to you with some other Posies paraphernalia. All three double CDs in a special slipcase for CD lovers and all three double LPs (on exclusive colored vinyl) in a special slipcase. One time only, while they last and please one per customer (of each configuration). We’re really pleased to at long last, offer these to you Posies fans the way we had originally intended. There are about 200 CD sets and slightly less than 150 LP sets, so this sale is to our mailing list only. Thanks for hanging in there with us Posies people. There are good things on the horizon, but while we’re cooking those things up, spin some great sounding classic Posies this summer! In addition to the CD & LP collections, we’re inducing a handful of other Posies items that have turned up after moving to a new warehouse.
  8. I'll pony up a very nice chunk of change if anyone does indeed get an extra, I don't care about autographs.
  9. North America https://meatwavechicago.bandcamp.com/album/volcano-park UK/EU https://bsmrocks.com/collections/home-page/products/meat-wave-volcano-park-ep
  10. Same here, not that it makes any difference to me. I figured I wouldn't have been the only one.
  11. https://www.imrecordsstore.com/product/punk-rock-saves-lives-the-album-volume-one-vinyl-coming-soon-/5?cs=true&cst=custom Punk Rock Saves Lives ... the Album! is a series of IM Records vinyl-only fundraiser albums 100% of net proceeds donated to punkrocksaveslives.org, a Colorado Nonprofit Corporation / 501(c)(3) public charity. The songs on Volume One!! Descendents "Cortés," Flogging Molly "Salty Dog (Acoustic)," H.R. "Stay Close," Anti-Flag "20/20 Vision (Acoustic)," The Bar Stool Preachers "Inner City Cinderella," Authority Zero "PRSL," Mercy Music "Overjoyed," These Roving Years "Positive Force," Reno Divorce "Hopeless and Dopeless," The Bouncing Souls "Battleground," Face to Face "Resignation (Live)," Cigar "In Armor," United Defiance "Empty Advice," The Faction "Skate and Destroy (2020 Version)," Suburban Resistance "Can't Trust No One." $30.00 ONLY ONE COPY OF THIS ITEM PER PERSON!!!! MULTIPLE COPIES OR MULTIPLE ORDERS BY THE SAME PERSON WILL NOT BE FILLED!!! ITEMS ORDERED WITH A PREORDER WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL ENTIRE ORDER IS AVAILABLE -- NO SPLIT SHIPPING UNLESS YOU MAKE ARRANGEMENTS FOR ADDITIONAL POSTAGE AFTER ORDERING. EXPECTED LATE MAY. READ RETURN POLICY BEFORE ORDERING -ESPECIALLY NON-US BUYERS
  12. It plays the same normal track as the A side but the grooves/song starts at the inner part of the record by the dead wax and it plays outward.
  13. Orange vinyl available for pre-order again on Green Day site https://store.greenday.com/insomniac-25th-anniversary-edition-colored-vinyl-2lp-pre-order.html

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