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  1. At the risk of further backlash just to explain some of our logic in releasing this, it was brought to our attention that it was attracting ridiculous prices on ebay which we wanted to try and diffuse. Also if you pre ordered the black you're paying alot less than this version. The clear is being sold at the normal price rather than with any pre order discount. We could have waited to release the clear variant but we are in the process of slowing things down with the label due to other commitments so we had to do it now.
  2. Just to clarify this is only a 300 pressing on black and there aren't going to be any more of this so it is limited to 300. Hopefully it'll become clear when we're allowed to announce but that won't be till next year
  3. Yes afraid so, however we hold back 10% of the pressing in case of any getting damaged in the post so I expect we'll also have a small number go back on sale end of February. Also I can't give any details at the moment but there will be another opportunity for people to pick this up.
  4. I know a US pressing was looked at but last I heard it wasn't happening (this was about 2 months ago). Biggest challenge for a US release is Sony hasnt got the original artwork files (or at least they didn't) only the layered CD art (which is no good for vinyl) and Imogen also has to approve all pressings so none of her releases can be licensed from Sony or Universal without her agreeing to it and last I heard she hadn't approved it (but again this was about 2 months ago).
  5. We only put a third of the pressing up last night for existing customers and those who have been on the waiting list for this. The rest will go online for the general PO tomorrow morning. As for Frou Frou we've looked at doing it but it's the license cost is insane so can't make it (Or Imegaphone) work
  6. Looking for a copy of Funeral For A Friend's Hours. Anyone looking to sell let me know also can trade for anything currently in print from Saint November
  7. The quality of the recording is great, rog did a great job of mixing and mastering it. Thanks to everyone thats pre ordered, we will be shipping our pressing at the end of April/start of May
  8. This is going on sale at 12 today (UK time) we have all 3 variants avaliable through the store the full pressing consists of 300 on yellow 300 on cream with purple splatter 400 on transparent beer
  9. If anyone is going to the Kingston date of the May tour, you can pre order the vinyl with a ticket from Banquet. This will be the yellow variant of the vinyl and is limited to 300. The full pre order will be in a few weeks
  10. All the details will be announced later today. The band will have copies in their store later this year

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