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  1. I'm just hanging out for MCR represses... Maybe they'll come with the newly announced greatest hits...
  2. Got my bundle and the short size was one too small ahhh well... Shoulda gone the ETR route Edit: I should mention: ordered a small, got XS
  3. Just a couple of "exclusive to this box" comments along side the "first time pressed". Just sounds like there's a chance for the future that's all.
  4. Any chance of separate pressings? Or is this a "disturbed style" (don't shoot me for mentioning them) box set only thing?
  5. Think he meant that that's how much it's going to cost him, as he ordered something else (unless he got mixed up with the hybrid theory thread)
  6. Wow... This thread proves one thing.... The devil and god are raging inside us....
  7. Hmm... sorry for the double topic i made, didn't come up in a search. But awesome product i think!
  8. Records On Walls http://kck.st/1b5Wk7u I backed it and is there a cheaper way to do it? Maybe, but it seems pretty cool and helping out the little guy is always nice Looks like a good way to put up favourite records, and even one for a now/next to play records above the turntable, keeps them off the desk or wherever!
  9. Just found out my record store just got it in stock... Black, red, pink with yellow spots I don't care as long as it doesn't skip. (Think it's red, I was the first to order it from the store and I saw another customer with a limited colour sticker on his)
  10. *SRC releases déjà* Everyone here: "OMG I LOVE YOU SRC!!!"
  11. Fwiw, mov covers for me Jeff Buckley's Grace - beautiful thick gatefold with nice poly/paper inners Sketches for my sweetheart the drunk - thin regular sleeve, three (yes 3xlp) all in together in those thin cardboard "informative sleeves"
  12. Not cool about the red popping... Guess I'll see what variant I get when it turns up (preordered it to Australia so it's black or red for me... With a long ass shipping time to a store, not direct) That or I hope a good ultrasonic clean sorts out the pops.
  13. I think he means he has a Logitech 2.1 style system where you can turn up the sub... They're less than 100 bucks yay!!!! (Sound like ass but hey what do I know, I use a rel r-328 as my sub)
  14. Pulled the trigger on the bundle. Was thinking the other day I could do with another tshirt or two... 10 bucks seems good to me. Signed postcard is kinda cool too

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