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  1. Slightly used copy of Code of Princess for the 3DS $20PPD This does not include the soundtrack or art book, it is the regular version of the game! classic brawler! Will trade for zero escape or theaterhythm final fantasy! Thanks!!
  2. This song is pretty good, I'm getting a heavy Appleseed Cast - Sagarmatha vibe out of this song...which seems really odd to me, It might just be the way the vocals are mixed though.
  3. Hey guys! We've been working on this record with realising media for a while now, and are excited to officially announce its release! Check out Cyclamen at http://cyclamen.band...om/album/senjyu Pick up a copy here: http://www.graboidre...ategories/vinyl Be sure and check out records we have available from Parallax and Bears on Parade! thanks for looking.