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  1. Not trolling. It was up for at least 2 hours last night. And when you visit the pre-order page it says Pre-Order streaming on December 22. Http://instagram.com/salesonfilm also posted about it - Post has been deleted after Subpop error update
  2. I checked right when it turned 12am PST. Maybe they decided to make it 12pm PST?
  3. They're doing an AMA on Reddit tomorrow at 12pm EST, if anyone's interested. http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/2o26rc/we_are_sleaterkinney_aua/
  4. Can't listen right now but "hear snippets of 3 new songs" in this interview: http://www.npr.org/blogs/allsongs/2014/11/20/365464686/sleater-kinney-2-0-the-band-talks-about-its-first-album-in-10-years
  5. Had my boxset shipped to where I am currently (out of town) and finally got to open it up over the weekend. All around, best $130 I've spent on records. Too bad I won't be able to listen to them for a few more weeks. Oh, and I lucked out and got a signed 7" as well. That was a good day.
  6. Well here's the new song (that sounds like it was ripped at 56kbps) And after listening to it, Carrie's post on Instagram makes more sense
  7. criminalrecords 60 minutes ago · Criminal Records Atlanta Also thankful for this. (This vague flyer didn't come from @subpop, btw. It was dropped off at the store by our pal Lisa from @varplayhouse. OMG YOU GUYS, WHAT DO YOU THINK THAT MEANS??? DO YOU THINK THAT MEANS WHAT I THINK IT MEANS?! OMG OMG OMG!!!!)
  8. Pics of 7" from https://twitter.com/KevinZidek/status/523215203178397696
  9. They added a couple of photos of the set all laid out on the pre-order page: Still in stock @ Jackpot Records, free shipping on pre-orders

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