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  1. I guess I tend to buy somewhat more niche pressings, but I have never in my life encountered the bubbles he complained about and I have maybe one or two records that are ever so slightly off-center. I haven't returned a record in years.
  2. Hang on... the "straw that broke the camel's back" for him is... a slight cosmetic imperfection in a colored record?
  3. Y'all are champs. Put in that order after streaming this all day. Stoked to hear What We've Lost in all its glory.
  4. This album has ended up growing a lot on me. Can anyone who picked up the vinyl comment on the quality? Trying to decide between shelling out for the third pressing or just grabbing the digital.
  5. Ugh I can't decide if I really want to throw down $40+ for the bonus tracks...
  6. Got my copy today, relieved to say that, while it doesn't sound revelatory, it's very solid. I really enjoy the inclusion of the two bonus tracks, but I was a bit thrown off by the insertion of Kill More Presidents between Falling From the Sky and Everlasting Tapeworm as it really slimes the buildup to Tapeworm. Still, a heck of an album and it sounds better than I expected. As far as the artwork, it is a touch darker than it should be, but you guys had me expecting it to be pixelated or something. I think it possibly could have been crisper, but in general it looks totally fine and stays true to the painted aesthetic. One question I had, did everyone else get the discs in the opposite sleeves they expected? I have disc 1 in the sleeve with the quote from Innocent Bystanders and disc 2 in the sleeve with the quote from Leaderless. If it was intentionally some kind of reverse bookend thing, that's fine, it just kinda made my minor OCD senses tingle.
  7. Do we know what the tracklist is? Is disc 1 just the standard album? I have the last pressing they did of this and my only complaint is a touch of IGD, so I would be real tempted to pick this up if they spread the standard album across 3 sides instead of just 2.
  8. I'm not familiar, are these only available for Patreon subs or are they just getting first dibs?
  9. Just got my shipping notification. So nervous to hear this. It's one of my favorite albums and has been a white whale for me for 9 years.
  10. I was trying to be at peace with missing out on it, but CFUTF sounds so good and the photos of the set look so great and I was just listening to the album last night and was reminded of how tremendous it is, so... here's hoping for a restock.
  11. The first 3 sides all end with Spider/Leaf songs, I suppose that was their intent?
  12. As long as it sounds good, I'd take hot pink and green pinwheel. Very nervous about it sounding good, though. Still waiting on my copy.
  13. I was listening to my copy of CFUTF last night, sounds so good. Really wish I hadn't missed out on Brother, Sister.
  14. Was not expecting this, very excited. Count me in for a deluxe.
  15. I listened to the LP a couple weeks back and for side A I was like "yeah this is about what I remember" and then I flipped to side B and was kind of flabbergasted at how excellent it was.