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  1. According to Unoriginal, "200 left… we can confirm there are currently no plans to bring in another pressing after the green sells out… seriously." Whaaat is Solid State smoking??
  2. Had a minor heart attack when I realized I got distracted and was 12 minutes late. Super relieved to pull a yellow with no problem.
  3. The T&N/SS Vinyl Preview email. You can sign up for future emails here: https://www.toothandnail.com/vinylsignup
  4. Missed this while working, super bummed. Maybe they'll repress with better color variants...?
  5. As excited as I am to finally hear this on wax... there are a few simple slam-dunk variants they could have done, and neither of these are quite it.
  6. The email just says it's more Bless the Martyr. Not exactly sure how that fits the bill for what they're hyping on twitter as they already "launched" this a couple of weeks ago, but I would be surprised if they put up another surprise pressing at the same time.
  7. It's this, still 10am PST. 1,000 copies on "Ghost Cloudy Black Ice & Gold" per the Solid State email.
  8. Got my copy and wow. One of the best looking records I own. I agree that it could be a touch more green, but I'm pleased that it's still translucent and it just turned so great. Packaging is really well done all around, too. Spun the second disc as soon as I opened it, there's some really incredible tracks on here (I'm quite partial to the demo of Civilian). Sound quality seemed good, though I did run into some IGD on the last couple of tracks on each side. Haven't listened to the first disc yet, but I doubt I'll be getting rid of my original black pressing.
  9. My copy just shipped and because I'm pretty close to Merge, it arrives tomorrow! Stoked. Also I noticed they updated the mockup to a much more opaque looking marble, which isn't quite what I was hoping for but I'm sure it'll still look nice (and hopefully sound decent).
  10. Interestingly, the checkout is down but the store is back up.
  11. I got to the PayPal link and now it's giving me the ol' Service Unavailable so... not sure where I stand now.
  12. We did it, guys! We destroyed MerchNow! Pat on the back for all involved and may the odds be ever in your favor in the chaos to come!
  13. As per the Tooth & Nail/Solid State vinyl preview email, this will be available tomorrow morning. 1500 but they will probably go fast, 20 years makes people itchy. "Design and packaging for this landmark release was supervised by Josh Scogin. • The record features a brand new, complete audio remaster for the vinyl format by Troy Glessner at Spectre Studios. • The original CD artwork was been restored and recreated one-layer-at-a-time, and features an additional, hidden, ghostly spot varnish glossy design on the “Bless the Martyr” cover. • Co-Produced by the treasured team at Unoriginal Vinyl, with the utmost-attention-to-detail. Estimated shipping: March 2022."
  14. Came here to ask if the Smartpunk variant was shipping yet, which apparently it is. Ordered from them 3 weeks ago and haven't received any shipping notification. Wondered if I had missed a pressing delay, but it doesn't sound like it. Weird. Edit: What the heck, just got a shipment email. Spooky.
  15. There's no way they're bothering to put up the fees to get these pressed and only doing a festival-exclusive run. I expect online variants eventually.
  16. Geeze, I pre-ordered this from Amazon because I wasn't trying to do any variant hunting... just before release day they pushed it back to October 1st, now it's pushed to the 22nd. Is it just the retail variant that's delayed, are other people getting their copies? I'd rather not wait over a month for this if I can spend a few more bucks to get a decent-sounding variant that's actually in stock.
  17. New song is fantastic. Good to see some of the old post-rock influence come back.
  18. Holy cow, all the variants are gone already. These guys deserve it, though. One of the best heavy bands out there right now. Song is pretty sick.
  19. +1 to the "this was better than I expected" crew. Has anyone received the vinyl, and if so, how's the quality?
  20. 10% off at vinylmnky with code SPIDERMNKY brings the deluxe to $27 shipped for me. Canceling my Second City Prints order, didn't need the shirt that badly.
  21. Can't decide if I want to cancel my order from the band's store and get the deluxe through vinylmnky. Is no hassle and a t-shirt worth $33 to me?

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