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  1. Now you just need to hope someone on here got two A/B discs.
  2. I can actually really dig the new song. The last 2 albums were great but a little samey sounding, and I think NJ is at their best when they reinvent their sounda bit with each record. I like the look of the splatter but I assume it'll sound pretty rough, so I guess I'll go for a sea blue. "Electric" blue seems intriguing but I assume it's just cokebottle in reality.
  3. Finally got a chance to listen to this today. Sounded better than I expected but not as good as I hoped. For being under 20 minutes per side, I expected less IGD. Clarity and dynamic range are uneven throughout but never amazing. There's definitely a source-inherent crunch to this album, and I think they did a pretty good job of making it listenable in the transition to vinyl, but it's still definitely there. I was listening via headphones, so maybe speakers will be more forgiving. For a long awaited pressing, I think it could've been worse, but I'd like to think it could have been better too, even considering source limitations. I have a yellow copy, so I'd be curious to hear any comments about the quality of the other variants.
  4. The same thing that's going on with every vinyl release: Production delays. If it helps, this PO dropped shortly after the PO for He Is Legend's I Am Hollywood, which just arrived today for me. I would expect this one to ship within a month.
  5. Hard to PO with no tracklist, but I do love this version of Coffee.
  6. Music video was kinda lame, but the single is really great. Will be picking this up for sure. Seems from the press release and single like this is going to be on the opposite end of the spectrum from the sonic darkness of the S/T album and the distorted loudness of their most recent LP+EP. Something closer to the brighter aspects of Antics and Admire with softer, more present vocals. I can really get into that. Looking forward to hearing more.
  7. Grabbed a black set of course. Will definitely try to catch them on the road, I've seen them a few times and they're always great. I was talking to a friend the other day about the concept of "favorite band" and realized that these guys have probably put out the most consistently excellent work over the past 21 years. Where a lot of other bands put out great stuff and then nosedive, these guys have managed to keep it up and keep fresh. Will definitely miss them.
  8. I've been assuming it's just farewell tour announcement, but I would be super down for some sort of live or reimagined album. Been loving the alternate versions of their riffs that they've been laying down on these teasers, so anything in that vein would be rad.
  9. New tune sounds big, I like it. These guys were almost completely missable for nearly a decade, but I think Delta Kream was a good experience for them and you can feel the influence on this track. Hope this is a solid record.
  10. Budget Courtney LaPlante does not do this song any favors.
  11. So stoked to have grabbed a copy of the B,S deluxe. Can't wait to hear it, all the other deluxe editions have sounded incredible, especially on black.
  12. Best song, worst song? I'm thinking Pneumonia or Thorn for best, Hallelujah for worst?
  13. Only a few full listens in, but I think it's safe to say that the worst songs on this are better than the worst songs on Erase Me, but the best songs on this are worse than the best songs on Erase Me? Also add me to the constant, infantile swearing is grating crowd. In fact, I think all of the lyrics on this one are pretty much garbage. There's an unspoken rule in cinema that if you can't write good, creative dialogue, you just fill it with profanity to flavor it up, and I think that's exactly what happened here. Too lazy to rewrite your lines to fit the right cadence? Just throw "fucking" in there like a soundcloud rapper.
  14. Vinylmnky order marked as shipped. I would be shocked if it actually showed up by Friday, which is ironic considering the whole delay to release everything at once, but I'll survive. Still hoping this album grows on me, but most of the singles have had a distinct ~edgelord~ flavor to them that doesn't have me stoked.
  15. According to Unoriginal, "200 left… we can confirm there are currently no plans to bring in another pressing after the green sells out… seriously." Whaaat is Solid State smoking??
  16. Had a minor heart attack when I realized I got distracted and was 12 minutes late. Super relieved to pull a yellow with no problem.
  17. The T&N/SS Vinyl Preview email. You can sign up for future emails here: https://www.toothandnail.com/vinylsignup
  18. Missed this while working, super bummed. Maybe they'll repress with better color variants...?
  19. As excited as I am to finally hear this on wax... there are a few simple slam-dunk variants they could have done, and neither of these are quite it.
  20. The email just says it's more Bless the Martyr. Not exactly sure how that fits the bill for what they're hyping on twitter as they already "launched" this a couple of weeks ago, but I would be surprised if they put up another surprise pressing at the same time.
  21. It's this, still 10am PST. 1,000 copies on "Ghost Cloudy Black Ice & Gold" per the Solid State email.
  22. Got my copy and wow. One of the best looking records I own. I agree that it could be a touch more green, but I'm pleased that it's still translucent and it just turned so great. Packaging is really well done all around, too. Spun the second disc as soon as I opened it, there's some really incredible tracks on here (I'm quite partial to the demo of Civilian). Sound quality seemed good, though I did run into some IGD on the last couple of tracks on each side. Haven't listened to the first disc yet, but I doubt I'll be getting rid of my original black pressing.
  23. My copy just shipped and because I'm pretty close to Merge, it arrives tomorrow! Stoked. Also I noticed they updated the mockup to a much more opaque looking marble, which isn't quite what I was hoping for but I'm sure it'll still look nice (and hopefully sound decent).

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