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    It's kinda hard to explain the feeling I get from making music making love getting both feet wet

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  1. Title says it all, I love his music and need to hear it spun. I have out from out where and bricolage, so if anyone wants to part with any of these titles give me a shout: Adventures in Foam Permutation Supermodified Foley Room ISAM His amazing box set Thanks guys
  2. Not sure if my pms are getting lost in the shuffle or what but I'm still interested in those albums I messaged you about.
  3. Title says it, I'm looking for the full length dead weather album on vinyl, basically trying to get it for 20 ppd. Also a bit more out of the mainstream, I want any full length quantic albums other than fifth exotic, announcement to answer and look around the corner.
  4. I think I'd be down for this also, let me know when you guys pull the trigger on this
  5. We get it man, you have a beef with this guys shit... Take it to pm or drop it, the nes thread was entertaining, this not so much. Not to say I don't appreciate you doing the homework to find better prices, but there seems to honestly be some interest in what's being sold here. And op, you gotta stop replying to the negative posts, I feel like most of these guys are doing this to get a rise out of you and it's working.
  6. I can't get enough of these guys, their third album just got released on vinyl so it got me really wanting the first two full lengths which are amazing. If anyone is trying to off them for a reasonable price shoot me a pm and hopefully we can work something out!
  7. I got mine yesterday, he let me know last week he was pretty busy dudes definetly legit

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