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  1. Any prices stated below do not include shipping. Make an offer on any that don't have a price by PM. Thanks 7": 1. Boxer / Hundred Acre Woods - Wax Packs Split - Black $2 2. Casual / Crybaby - Wax Packs Split - Black $2 3. Fire When Ready/ Marathon - Wax Packs Split - Black $2 4. Hundred Acre Woods - Cold in the Morning - Gold with light Red Swirl 5. Modern Baseball / Hundred Acre Woods Split - Clear 6. The White Stripes - Dead Leaves and The Dirty Ground Single - Black 7. The White Stripes - Fell In Love With A Girl Single - Red 8. The White Stripes - Hotel Yorba Single - Red 12": 1. The Gay Blades - Ghosts (Popup gate fold)- Beer Colored Vinyl + Bonus 7" 2. Royal Forest - Spillway - Coke Bottle Clear
  2. Hey guys I have a couple that I was looking at trading Currently I have #9 on purple and #7 on Red. I am looking for the split with The Hundred Acre Woods on it. I would trade on of these for the clear variant or both + more maybe for a more rare variant. PM if you are interested.
  3. I've got two Maylene vinyl I'm looking to sell II on clear with red splatter - $60 ppd (Less than what I paid so just trying to get some of it back) Where the saints roam 7" numbered - $15 ppd Pm if interested or want pics
  4. Cool I don't think I've ever even owned a 33 7" so having a 33/45 is pretty unique.
  5. Are all of the releases cut at 33.5 on one side a 45 on the other or is it just #10? Thought that was a little different.
  6. Is it really that big of a deal if there is going to be a direct replacement?
  7. Yeah I did see that. Thank you though. That's my last resort. I have yet to bring myself to spend that much to ship a record. I was hoping to not have to, but the price isn't terrible considering. Still looking though!
  8. bump! Still looking. may be willing to pay more