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  1. Dang bummed I missed the Katamari Fantasy again and also that I already ordered Celeste. If I had known this version was coming totally would have waited it out
  2. The book showing one or the other shouldn't matter. The sleeve the record is in is reversible. I don't know what they'd be able to do for you without an order number though Email is [email protected] if you end up needing it
  3. Golf Story through Fan Gamer for anyone interested. Packaging looks cool and green vinyl is a nice touch. https://www.fangamer.com/products/golf-story-vinyl-soundtrack
  4. I wonder what the price difference will be for the "HD" versions of releases.
  5. Order is being corrected. Sidewalk Fullfillment Services has been an absolute breeze to work with.
  6. I had shipping issues as well so I've been in contact. Didn't order through merchnow ordered through LPOE.
  7. Warning to everyone who ordered. I just got my copy of the sunset smash variant and it was listed as being sunset smash on the sticker but had the wrong variant packaged inside. https://imgur.com/a/mCi3l
  8. Dang!! Didn't even know this splatoon record existed. Looks like I have a new white whale
  9. Any Canadian homies want to help out with that sunrise records variant hopeless tweeted about? I can't find it online so I imagine it is in store only.
  10. I'm in the same boat right now. Variant collecting for this band gets hard when record release variants get added into the mix.
  11. NCTH banquet variant took forever to sell out as well. Surprised me then as well.
  12. Listened to the album a few times since I got the code the other night. Absolutely love it. Very bummed I couldn't make it down to Philly for the pop up
  13. Totally thought op meant a 4 way split featuring Jeff and not a post- variant
  14. also at The Silent Barn. It was a helluva good time and I'm very happy Jeff had people put their phones away. Only bummer was they didn't have the tour variant of post so I guess I'll get it in April at Warsaw.
  15. Between Katamari yesterday and Celeste soundtrack + b-sides today, it has been an amazing two days for video game vinyl. Very excited!
  16. Stock on Katamari is moving fast. I would guess this sells out in the next few minutes. Already almost below 1000 left at 1:08 PM EST Edit: Under 300 at 1:39
  17. Thanks for the heads up on Banquet. Happy to see it wasn't the book so the exchange rate didn't kill my bank account.
  18. I'm pretty sure I have an extra copy of the pill bottle variant. Dm me if you're interested.
  19. Just a heads up to be careful when buying the orange/gray variant. A lot of people will tell you they are all warped and that you should still pay a premium but you can find decent copies every now and then.
  20. Celeste by Lena Raine (as well as her solo album Singularity Kuraine) is being pressed by STS. There will also be a STS Exclusive Celeste "B-Sides" cassestte tape. Really excited about this one. Also I'm just gonna leave this Mondo post here.
  21. What are you looking to get out of either copy of Drive?