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  1. Experiencevinyl has a preorder up for a double LP pressing on black vinyl for 34.98.
  2. Local store I ordered from and bullmoose both show 8/19. Great. Hopefully I don’t miss out on this version too.
  3. Isn’t the street date 8/19? Crazy it would ship a month early!
  4. Experience vinyl has copies of the S/T available for anyone still looking. https://experiencevinyl.com/products/slipknot-yellow
  5. Orange is what I was referring to. Guess I shouldn’t say waiting to hear more, just waiting to see if it comes through. Release is 8/19 I believe.
  6. I keep waiting to hear more about the Vol 3 indie edition. I’ve held off on picking anything else up because I’ve got that ordered. Going to be peeved if that falls through.
  7. Same here. Have everything Primus has released but would never spin this. Canceled my sub as soon as I read the contents unfortunately.
  8. I got an email with tracking number on June 29th but it hasn’t made it to the PO yet. The email said that it would take longer to ship out.
  9. THIRD MAN RECORDS ANNOUNCES VAULT PACKAGE #53: PRIMUS: THE REVENANT JUKE A COLLECTION OF FABLES AND FARCE Third Man Records is excited to announce Vault Package #53, Primus: The Revenant Juke -- A Collection of Fables and Farce, featuring six colored 7" records -- the band's first 7" releases in their 30-plus years as a group -- with individual sleeve artwork, all housed in a custom telescoping box. Sign up is open now through July 31 at midnight CST.
  10. Got my blood in the snow copy today. Sounds great!
  11. Same deal here. Grape and orchid pending. Think I’m still going to have to preorder the orange since my violet never showed up.
  12. No update from UPS today. Looks like I’m going to be on the lookout for a reasonably priced copy.
  13. UPS screwed me. Showed out for delivery. They came to my house, sat in the drive for a few minutes and then left. No album. Tracking still shows out for delivery to arrive by over an hour ago.
  14. Don't get too worried yet. S/T showed up for me a couple of days ago in a mailer inside of a grey/offwhite plastic bag.
  15. Excited they're all coming out, but I'm not sure what they were thinking with the colors for these releases.