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  1. Tried to buy on the European store but it doesn't ship to America. Gold is in stocks on the American southern lord site, just grabbed one.
  2. the rare versions of inter armas new album are back in stock
  3. Well, they arent going to send me a new cover because they sold out of them and did not print any extras. They implicitly trust that all the post offices of the world and fedex wont damage any of their records and they "usually don't have a problem with them." I'm so glad I went in on this and paid 40 bucks in shipping to have my record packaged shittyly with no bubble wrap and 1 thin layers worth of cardboard sitting directly against the record sleeve that will in no way be easily damaged. Fuck this shitty record label.
  4. So the people who shipped this sent in in the flimsiest mailer ever and the cover has a huge chunk ripped on the bottom and the spines cracked. Be careful about buying this.
  5. Will you take the records out of the sleeve before sending them? I don't want to get seam splits.
  6. There's an indie exclusive version of love and Evol that's a clear with orange a/b clear with blue c/d. You have to buy it from thirdman though.
  7. Wtf, I hope there's more than just at each of these shows. Ive seen them like 3 times in Dallas, and I would very much like to own this record.
  8. Thanks again. This was perfect. No worrying about being sold out or missing the window.
  9. Yeah, I would prefer to just get it from the group buy just so I don't have to worry about it selling out quickly. When do you need our address and how much do I owe you?
  10. Yeah, I'm down for a /150 emerald forest and an LY. I can pay now if you need. I think you missed my comment from yesterday.