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  1. Ive been asking the label about this since january. I'm glad its finally happening.
  2. Haha, I liked his review. Don't be so uptight. I liked the album too.
  3. All the albums are 30 bucks at the merch booth. Love and Evol is A side/B side blue and black and white splatter, red and black and white splatter each. It's 2 single albums packaged together which is weird but it's Boris. Akuma no uta is pink and purple splatter Feedbacker is crystal clear with steaks of red through it to match the cover. Feedbacker looks amazing as does Akuma No Uta. The Love and Evol just looks ok, but I'm glad I grabbed all 3. I think they ran out of the enamel pins already because they didn't have any out in Denton.
  4. I'm seeing them in Denton and I can't wait. They are my favorite band and they're playing 5 minutes from my house.
  5. i ordered this the last time it was in print and it came with a shit ton of seam splits so hopefully this time they pack it well and not in shitty mailers. I paid extra for the premium shipping so fingers crossed.
  6. I've got an OG and the 2 Southern Lord picture discs of Akuma No Uta, but i never managed to find a og version of Feedbacker. I'm so excited for a new album and tour though. They are playing in Denton, where someone got a piece of their ear bit off. I'm sure their gonna do a japanese Daymare version of the new album like they did with the last few too, so looks like I have 4 more Boris albums to buy this year.
  7. What makes the purple deluxe? I can't find any info about the difference between them.
  8. Just got that Gommorah album and they mailed it with the bare record outside the sleeve. I haven't played it yet but wtf it up with people not mailing the record in a paper sleeve. A cheap paper sleeve would have been fine but what the hell. This is the same shit as that Holy Fawn record.
  9. Yeah, what kind of dipshits sent the bare record out of any sleeve? My copy arrived ok but I was still irritated they sent it like that. Every other time I've asked to take the records out of the sleeve they at least put them in a cheap thin white paper sleeve.
  10. I'm gonna grab this when I get paid and then never listen to it.
  11. Lol. I'm glad someone called him out. The Used sucks ass and I cant believe someone would openly admit they listen to them on a music website. That's embarrassing for you, dawg.
  12. Yes it was super shitty but it was not a hard kick and she was fine. He also apologized for it and has been an all around pretty good dude. He kicked Nick Oliveri out of the band for beating his girlfriend and he took Jesse Hughes to rehab every day till he was clean from his meth addiction. People do shitty things and he owned up to it and apologized. What more do you want?
  13. god damn it, I missed this and they are my favorite band too.