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  1. Saw vinylfury's video and absolutely love their sound. Looking for the translucent yellow /100. PM me and we'll work something out.
  2. 1. you're right, next time I'll turn off my eyes and brain 2. that seems like a personal problem lol 3. what're you gonna do? do u even lift? 4. your philosophy is bad and you should feel bad - also too* 3/10 you tried
  3. yes facetiously promote grown men gossiping about other grown men 10/10 edit: and the website has been laggy and crashing a lot so jokes on you fucker
  4. because I have to read it; ultimately filtering out irrelevant bullshit that is a waste of everyone's time as well as the website's bandwidth. I'm surprised the mods allow it. Anyways, back on topic. Still waiting on my translucent copy, but should be here tomorrow. I've been anticipating this for a while now, stoked af.
  5. yea he admits he was in the wrong in the past. just follow his tumblr, he's actually a really smart dude. so stoked for this release.
  6. Wow not even a reply to my pm and 3 posts. If you were auctioning it you should've said so cause I know I had to have been the first to pm you. Funny thing, that ragc will be on ebay in a few days. Too many flippers on this forum...
  7. I ordered a copy from No Idea and it arrived today. Turned out to be the trans gold.
  8. Thank you for posting this. I've had this album on repeat since you did lol life in drag is fucking gold man
  9. I initially pre-ordered s/t and blue and I received them both on time. Later on I ordered ootv and it came a week later. The beginning might have been rough with the flood of orders they had, but they seem to have everything in order now.
  10. lol cool movie but idk if I could drop a bill on a fucking cartoon's soundtrack
  11. his superiority complex is too much for him to handle he has 1500+ posts bro he's rollin' in the pussy he does what he wants in online forums #yolo #youngwildandfree