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  1. Im beyond bummed I didnt get a green. I was supposed to be out on break at work simply to be there right when PO opened up but a chemical leak happened in my work and we couldn't leave until it was fixed. Ugh.
  2. Really did not like the new track. Just need to hear it all in sequence though
  3. Love this EP and worth the buy...Unfortunately I'm super broke.
  4. I hated the blue for Dtbm but after gettingbthem I actually think both look good. Pretty happy all around
  5. I agree but not enough for me to wait. Ultimately just having them I'm ok with.
  6. K so it looks like most copies with this issue is from Bullmoose. Old Friends is taking care of replacing any faulty copies so if you have a problem send an email and they should get back to you. Will update once I hear back from them
  7. Got the DGD but really dont like the colors (mainly dtbm). But since I missed the boxset dont really have a choice
  8. There is definitely another album coming out later this year. Went to the show last night and Devin is also going to be on the new album. They also said they want to do a 10 year anniversary tour for The Question but only if Devin would join them on that as well. Crowd funding should open up in the next 3 days.
  9. I cannot find Keaton Henson - Dear for the life of me So I guess that is my current one
  10. Mine does this! I thought it was my player or something. I got mine direct from the label. I should contact them
  11. Grabbed all three color variants. Now to work some OT to afford it haha

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