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  1. The White Tulips are a 3 piece shoegaze outfit from the coastal city of Xiamen, China just west of Central Taiwan. Influenced by early UK Alternative & Shoegaze as well as 90's American Alternative, The White Tulips manage to create songs that are soft, dreamy & that are laced with gorgeously fuzzed out overtones. Cassette Tapes Available in the Link Below. Please feel free to download this album on the house. Thanks for taking the time to check out The White Tulips. https://kamalatapes.bandcamp.com/album/caress
  2. Bradford to the Browns... unlikely fit? Can't believe he's worth a 1st round pick thoughts?
  3. 3 for 30 deal sold out just today! And one the buyers was from here Special thank you from me to you mystery person <3 We're 96% complete and we are confident in getting this thing fully funded with 29 hours to go. We still have the out of 10 Special Edition Cassettes btw those should be fun to make. Warm Wishes, KT
  4. would love a DL/stream of the Cambodia/Hendrix Free Spirit Records
  5. Who needs what? DM me! No promises but I'm only going for Albert Hammond Jr.
  6. Hi guys, thought you might like to have a chance to PO a shoegaze band before I release it on Instagram Listen Here: https://kamalatapes.bandcamp.com/album/fondle Kickstarter Purchase: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1229200595/kamala-tapes-button-press-maker These /10 special editions are going to have alternative album art compared to the general release
  7. kamalatapes.bandcamp.com Added 10$ rewards! Shoegazer Special! You get Pre Order of The White Tulips (Xiamen, China) Tape + Kamala Tapes button made with love + personal thank you card + name immortalized on thank you page for future website. & Lofi Dream Pop Special! You get one Shindigs Cassette Tape + Kamala Tapes button made with love + personal thank you card + name immortalized on thank you page for future website. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1229200595/kamala-tapes-button-press-maker
  8. We've got five more spots to be on the 30$ for 3 Tapes train! Pls consider We are almost there. Thanks for your help https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1229200595/kamala-tapes-button-press-maker Cassette Collective Special! You get, immortalized on the shrine page, 1 cassette from the first 3 releases + the buttons + thank you card . So yes in total 3 cassettes for 30 bones. But act fast this one's ultra limited. (Please note the estimated delivery is only because the 3rd cassette will be shipping end of Summer, if not sooner. And yes these will ship as they arrive not all in one bunch!)
  9. do I know anyone here who knows HIGH SUNN? we're going to be putting out a release with him : ]

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