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  1. tell me more! how does it hold up against galactic melt and in decay?
  2. i can't believe the newbury limited 500 is still available. i really can't believe that.
  3. the KC show was honestly really good. both CT and clark exceeded my expectations, which were high to begin with. i actually talked to to Seth as we both enjoyed a cigarette in front of the record bar. he said something about more copies coming, but they didn't want a bunch of extra copies laying around so there weren't many more that were going to be available. so I guess KC just got screwed with bad timing.
  4. I will also be attending the KC show. I plan on bringing one record for CT to sign, super pumped. Not sure how excited I am for Clark.
  5. I used to check ghostly for updates everyday, but I've slacked lately with being busy at work. Was shocked to see they sold deadstock of TTV Map. fortunately, I already own a copy. I can't believe the Newbury 500 edition of Com Truise isn't sold out yet. I haven't even bought it surprisingly, and I don't know why. I love Com Truise, I just go through phases where I stop buying vinyl for a while to save money. I never would have guessed a limited 500 Com Truise would be for sale longer than 3 weeks. Crazy.
  6. I knew someone who paid 172 to have it shipped to USA, which I guess was allowed if you're willing to pay 150 in shipping costs.
  7. I was trying to figure that out myself. i'm not too familiar with Columbia records to be honest, and i'm curious how the end result will be.
  8. I was trying to figure that out myself. i'm not too familiar with Columbia records to be honest, and i'm curious how the end result will be.
  9. 67 left, this will be sold out within 5 hours....also, Just read they don't cosnider themselves vaporwave, interesting
  10. felt like i had no choice but to pull the trigger. pretty cheap if you live in the US. i imagine this will be on discogs for 60 plus in a year or so.
  11. i wonder how quick this one will sell out... i know the cassette is crazy hard to find.
  12. well, i gave in and purchased the album. listened to instrumentals 1, 2 and 3 and decided there's no way i'll be displeased. limited 500 clams casino is too good to pass up. not going to lie, it feels great.
  13. I'm at work and the speakers don't do anything justice here, so I'll listen to it when I get home. as of now, you can add around 322 to the cart, so I'm going to be checking periodically to make sure I have enough time to get home and listen to it properly. Hoping it's better than the lil b single. I will try my hardest to imagine the instrumentals the best I can.
  14. I think it will sell out quick, but I'm trying to decide what I think the value will be down the road. I'd like to hear the full album, but I'm a variant sucker so I don't have that luxury at the moment. if I get it, it will bomb and sell for less than 32, if I don't get it, it will sell for 75 plus. that's life.
  15. I'm estimating i'll probably have about 1-2 days to decide. if it's too late, I suppose that makes the decision for me. honestly, im leaning more towards no right now, which really disappoints me but it is what it is.
  16. I got the limited variant for 80 dollars 2 years ago. I messaged everyone on discogs who owned it and was able to justify spending 80 shipped. I got lucky as far as im concerned. you probably made the right choice. I'm having a REALLY hard time deciding. this may be one of the toughest PO decisions I've ever made to be honest.
  17. I have this on the limited run variant. it's one of my favorites. as the new album, im torn as what I should do. not really a fan of the two singles released with li b and vince staples. even when you take away the vocals, i'm not sure it does it for me. the limited 500 makes it harder to say no, as im sure this will sell out pretty quickly. choices, choices.
  18. I have a peach copy never played.  i mainly listen to electronic music, feel free to make an offer.  

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      I live in missouri. 

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  19. I have this record in mint condition. you're more than welcome to make me an offer. as for the life of leisure record, the dark purple one is considered the purple haze, and most of them are numbered under 200, although I read some are not, which is ridiculously confusing. my copy is 180 and it's the darker purple color.
  20. i also ordered the 12 inch print which was supposed to be hand numbered to 250. arrived yesterday, hand numbered to 450. regardless, it's really nice looking and will just store it with the record when it arrives.
  21. http://www.roughtrade.com/albums/97624 I'm bound to give someone the best news they've heard all day. Looks to be a standard repress.
  22. http://www.theghostlystore.com/collections/music-vinyl/products/shigeto-intermission available in black or limited 500 light blue variant. you can listen to a single on soundcloud.
  23. well damn it, that's embarrassing. can a moderator move it for me?