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  1. Hierophant1991

    About the sound quality of picture discs

    I still think my Hottopic Marilyn Manson Antichrist Superstar picture disk sounds better than the Hottopic Red repress now that one sounds like shit, and i continue to listen to the picture disk vs the red variant but thats just me.
  2. Hierophant1991

    Marilyn Manson - Heaven Upside Down

    Really? id have to listen to it to see if its actually short on record. sadly ive been skipping that song and Jesus Crisis they dont do it for me. EDIT: Just listened its still long 6:22 long just not 8min long. they mostly cut off the intro.
  3. Same, I forgot all about this release, I ordered them after they were apparently sold out and today i come home with a package from bullmoose, i was all confused because i havent ordered anything & opened it up and yup all 3 colored records. they never sent shipping notification either.
  4. I agree mine sounds great! Just like my Marilyn Manson Antichrist Superstar picture discs sound better to me than the Hottopic exclusive.
  5. Damn i didnt know miley was so popular, the other 5 are gone too!
  6. Hierophant1991

    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    Wouldnt be surprised if its Pushed Back yet again until April 22nd for a Record store day exclusive hard to press record.
  7. Hierophant1991

    PO: AFI - Blood Album (01/20/2017)

    Did anyone else notice the Tracklisting Difference in the Vinyl VS Cd or Itunes. Nothing Major, Above the Bridge is #13 instead of #6.
  8. Hierophant1991

    PO: AFI - Blood Album (01/20/2017)

    For as long as i have been an A.F.I. Fan & still have their poster on my wall, my thoughts on the leak.... im glad i didnt spend 100$+ dollars on trying to buy all the blood type variants, Id buy DecemberUnderground Variants anyday (if existed) instead. But will still buy reg press for my collection & maybe the UO exclusive.
  9. Hierophant1991

    Blink-182 - California (Out Now!)

    Yeah Hot Topic Lags, It takes 2 weeks to ship to NY & 2 weeks to get something in California, Last time i ordered from them it took 16 days.
  10. Oh Yes... gonna go preorder 20 copies right now & go on ebay & sell them at ridiculous prices.. Sarcastically speaking
  11. Thats how my NIRVANA Vinyl was shipped, in a BAG & all the corners dented I was really upset. But Surprisingly the Spice Girls vinyl i ordered came in a Bigo BOX
  12. Same here, Finally Mine came in the Mail Aswell from HotTopic after 21 Days! Maybe its a California thing, or just my location. but everytime i order from them they take like 3 weeks to delivery me even a shirt! Which is weird because I buy vinyl from a Ebay Seller from Ontario, Canada & receive my vinyl from them in like 5 days! either way im happy with this record.
  13. Hierophant1991

    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    Hell yeah! Imagine! Pale emperor sounds fantastic on Vinyl! imagine a re-mastered Antichrist Superstar, or any album basically mastered the way Pale Emperor was, it would be great!
  14. Hierophant1991

    2016 Vinyl Predictions

    Marilyn Manson Represses will Happen with Lest We Forget Included? & Eat Me Drink Me will be Finally pressed on a "Blood Filled Vinyl" The High End Of Low will also be Finally Pressed aswell.
  15. even if they do run out, we all know theres all these people out there who have nothing better to do & buy like 10 copies just to re-sell them so if they are sold out they will still be on ebay for 60$+