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  1. Ohhh guys... you are so lucky, I've been waiting for mine to shipp, finally they sent it last week, then I checked my tracking number... I'm from San Diego, at morning it was out for delivery AT SANTA MONICA!... tought it was a mistaken tracking number... then... suddenly appears as DELIVERED on my Zip code at the mailbox... I WAITED all day long for USPS, received some other packages but none from Gotee... So.. what happened?... sent a message to Gotee... not very helpfull it seems, " So u are saying you didn't get it, it says it was delivered in SD."... Hope they could help me to fill a comp
  2. Hey guys, does anybody know anything about the "Official release" of this one?... Saw it on amazon and other stores, Just got my bootleg a few weeks ago, with an amazing traslucent pink records, and sounds amazing, but want to know if the official comes with a better artwork, gatefold or something...
  3. Wow... I ordered mine since Nov 23... no shipping conf yet ... :/ Sent some messages, and they told me that they sould have send them this past week... it seems not.
  4. Had to make some changes as I couldn't find a way to keep my room straight with so many records... turned out like this...
  5. WOW!! fianlly received mine, Is total shit!!! sleeve is so cheap, and the A side is misscentered... sounds like being really drunk in love---
  6. I would go for the height sensor or the shape, maybe is not triggering well on b-side, even a micra can make this shit happen, That's why we all love the manual TT hehe... even when you are a lazy fat boy that hates to stand up off the couch to flip to record so it won't stays spinning on the center for hours wearing the needle... Sometimes it's all about the TT, have a Technics 1200 that's skips my warped Scissor sisters Ta-Dah, To play it well have to put wight on 2.5 grams. when I played it on my Numark TTUSB it would play amazing at 1 gram and it plays like it's perfectty flat... Let's sa
  7. It's terrible!! had to remove the armband and the DVD... then I cut a pair of thick plastic sticks and stick it over the glue... at least don't look awful, and the gatefold is saved.
  8. Oh sounds great, finally, I'm not a big fan, I just like them, SO a GH is more than enough for me, even when "I Don't Love You" Is Missing, anyway, loved the package, but... jate that they stick the armband and the dvd straight to the gatefold sleeve, I tried to take it off, but the glue is terribly sticky, rather not take it off, as It probably going to tear the other side of the gatefold... Damn, hated that.
  9. that's strange... did you played it much?... Because mine sounds amazing, actually all those PD from Island Records of that years (The Killers, The Bravery, FOB) sounds awesome!, maybe yours is pretty wear out or was played with too much needle weight before you buy it. I can say mine sounds better than the CD
  10. I did nothing... Bought it like that... =/ Actually with the shrink wrapp looked worst when I bought it.
  11. If you are interested in som FOB promo http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=221399213398

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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