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  1. Brooklyn Vegan premier of a song off each record: https://www.brooklynvegan.com/neighborhood-brats-and-needles-pins-both-prep-new-lps-for-dirt-cult-stream-a-track-from-each/
  2. Both out May 28th On Confines of Life, the third studio album from California punk band Neighborhood Brats, the band dives head-first into songs about environmental crisis, systemic oppression, interpersonal/intrapersonal conflict, and the trappings of modern existence. Following blueprints of ‘77 punk, ‘80s hardcore and elements of post-punk, the diverse songwriting influences of vocalist Jenny Angelillo and guitarist George Rager are showcased throughout, putting the band in their element, while expanding on their original concept. Recorded in February and March 2020 at Station House studio with Grammy Award-winning producer/engineer Mark Rains, following their busiest year yet (including tours with Adolescents and Subhumans UK). The band had barely finished production when Los Angeles went into its initial shutdown in response to the incoming pandemic. Multiple 2020 tours were subsequently canceled as the music industry, and life in general, came to a standstill. As live music faces challenges unlike any other in modern existence, the band looks forward to a time when they can safely return to the road. With Nick Aguilar (drums) and Mike West (bass), Neighborhood Brats stands at-the-ready. As their song goes... “We’ll Find You.” Vinyl T-shirt and vinyl bundle Maybe it’s the endless pieces of soft, soothing music being described as ‘a soothing balm for the stresses of the pandemic age’, but don’t you sometimes find yourself wishing for a solid rock’n’roll record to cut to your core and send your fists soaring towards the sky? Okay, our moshpits may not extend much further than the faces in our living rooms right now, but goddamit, some of us really just want some punk rock to help us feel alive. Here’s where Needles//Pins’ mighty fourth album comes in. From the surging rush of opener ‘Woe Is Us’ (sounds relatable), via the organ-drenched scuffle of ‘Winnipeg ‘03’ right through to anthemic closer ‘The Tyranny Of Comforts’, this is a record that takes your emotional concerns and bundles them up into sweet little packets of raw-throated, chest-swelling, moves-into-your-brain-and-never-leaves melody. They’re self-aware too; by referencing Cap’n Jazz’s ‘Little Leagues’ in the opening verse to ‘A Rather Strained Apologetic’, they lay bare that in a less complicated era you might have been tempted to call their take on punk ‘emo’. Hey, come back - OK, it’s not a Jade Tree special, but it’s got the same gravel throated delivery and honeyed approach to melody that Blake Schwarzenbach delivered on ‘24 Hour Revenge Therapy’. Needles//Pins are equally indebted to classic Canadian powerpop like The Pointed Sticks - hell, 1979’s essential ‘Vancouver Complication’ comp feels as much of a reference here as ‘Boxcar’. They know their history, they know their craft, and they know their shit. If you’ve not been keeping count, this all adds up to ‘plenty to love’. Of course, you could just ignore everything I just wrote and listen for yourself. What you’ll find is a record that sounds simple on first listen but offers more layers to peel back the more you listen. It’s comforting, it’s thrilling, it’s… well, it’s not a soothing balm, but it might just be what you need right now to pick you up off the floor and (as referenced on the aforementioned ‘Woe Is Us’) make you shake and shimmer. A future classic? Hell, why not? - Will Fitzpatrick Vinyl
  3. Here's another track premier. This is getting close to selling out. https://www.punknews.org/article/71946/check-out-this-unreleased-track-by-lance-hahns-an-uneasy-peace
  4. An Uneasy Peace was a project bringing together Lance Hahn (J Church/Cringer), Stan Wright (Arctic Flowers, Signal Lost, Deathreat, Balance of Terror), Mike Warm (The Observers, Defect Defect), and Dave Wuttke (Drunken Boat) for a one-off 7" of ripping hardcore. The record was supposed to be released years ago but got shelved after Lance's death in 2007 due to complications from kidney dialysis. The record was recorded in one day in 2006. No one quite remembers when. You can check out a song via No Echo here Pre-order here (limited to 300 on black) Will be out in March. Here's What Stan Wright had to say about the record "Unfuckable Chainsaw. "What do you think?" asked Lance. This was his idea for the band's name. I offered 'An Uneasy Peace' as an option. Lance approached me one day about doing a hardcore band. I said yes right away. Not only was he an awesome and prolific songwriter, but i was really curious about the hardcore songs he had written. Lance was always very supportive of the music i was doing and would tell me so much about bands i had never heard of. He was a walking music encyclopedia. We especially bonded over Anarcho punk. He could talk for hours about anything music. When he passed away he was working on an extensive collection of interviews with anarcho punk bands to be collected as a book titled 'Let the Tribe Increase'. I hope it finally comes out one day! The recording process for our project was really fun. The lineup was Lance Hahn on guitar, Dave Wuttke on bass, Mike Warm on drums, Stan Wright on guitar and engineering. Im pretty sure Matt Badenhop played a guitar solo on a song too! We set up everything in the studio. Lance would play us a song and we added whatever we wanted. After doing this a few times,we would record it. We tracked and mixed everything in one day. Were so excited this is finally coming out for everyone to hear! This record is dedicated to Lance Hahn 1967-2007 RIP Maybe Unfuckable Chainsaw wasn't so bad..."
  5. Fleshies - Introducing the Fleshies LP is out May 3rd via Dirt Cult Check out a song premiere via Punk News here Preorder (limited edition blue vinyl/200 and black) here FLESHIES (est. 1999) are a loud punk band from Oakland, California. They are noted for their intense, wild, and often homoerotic stage presence, abrasive-yet-catchy songs that warp and invert countless rock and punk tropes, radical (verging on wingnut) left-wing politics, and punishing tour schedules from the past (133 shows in 131 days at one point in 2003). They have released numerous well-received albums and singles on labels such as Alternative Tentacles, Recess, Life Is Abuse, Thrillhouse, and Adeline, and are on countless compilations (such as MaximumRocknRoll’s “Noise Ordinance” LP). “Introducing The Fleshies” (Dirt Cult Records), the band’s new full-length album, represents a return to form, capturing the energy, raw power, incisive lyrical commentary/humor, and brutalist melodicism of their earlier releases like “Kill The Dreamer’s Dream” (2001) and “The Sicilian” (2003). Recorded and engineered by Brian Plaskett, mastered by Daniel Husayn (North London Bomb Factory). (The) Fleshies are Mattowar, Yvan Kawecki, John No, Brian Plaskett, and Hamiltron (all of whom are original members). FFO: Poison Idea, Vexx, Fitz of Depression, Hickey, Born Against, Scared of Chaka, Night Birds, Neighborhood Brats, Sparks “Fleshies are one of those rare punk treasures that always knows how to kick out the jams live. And while the band labels its genre ‘Mysterious Guy Softcore’ — a play off the once trendy micro-genre of Mysterious Guy Hardcore — its sound is anything but. If you're into frenetic, fast-paced rhythms and off-kilter guitar and vocal workouts, expect to receive your just rewards. Singer John No doesn't sit idle during the band's shows; he can often be found working the crowd into a frenzy.” --Eddie Jorgenson, SF Weekly "These hyperactively yelping Oakland artcore minutemen very much deserve to suck. Yet, somehow, they don't." - Chuck Eddy, Village Voice
  6. Chiller - S/T 12" is officially out 2/2/2018 but records are here and preorders are shipping. This is a split release between Dirt Cult (US) and Rockstar (Europe) Records. Each label has 40 limited edition burnt orange copies (already about half gone from us) CHILLER - S/T 12" After relocating to Ottawa for a brief stint, Monctonians Ilisha and Eric need to get their demons out, so they sought out local buds Erin (Black Tower) and Tim (Mother's Children" to play in what has rightly been deemed as a continuation of Feral Trash (Dirt Cult Records), but with a new name. With Ilisha now on lead guitars instead of drums and sharing the songwriting duties with Eric, Chiller are ready to share their music with the world with this, their first release. Much like Feral Trash, fans of Masshysteri, Hysterese, Allvaret, and The Stops should be thrilled by this record. Bandcamp stream/download US pre-order link European pre-order link
  7. The Chinchees are a power pop trio from Minneapolis and their debut album is addictive—like, stupidly addictive. Eleven lo-fi jams laced with simple but thoroughly catchy hooks in the vein of the Marked Men, Tenement, Future Virgins, and Frozen Teens. This is the band's debut. It was originally self-released by the band, but they sold through the first pressing and we jumped at the opportunity to repress it. You need this in your life. 300 pressed on yellow vinyl. (records arrived early. It'll be available in stores on August 4th, but records are shipping from Dirt Cult now) www.dirtcultrecords.com www.dirtcultrecords.bandcamp.com
  8. Needles//Pins third LP "Goodnight, Tomorrow" will be out June 30th in Canada (via Mint Records) and July 8th in the US (via Dirt Cult Records). Order at Dirt Cult (100 on coke bottle clear) Stream the record at the CBC A bit about the record: Vancouver power-trash trio Needles//Pins began in 2009 as an excuse for three friends to hang out. Two LPs and a handful of 7 inch singles later the band has come a long way but are still, at their core, a few friends having fun. 2017 sees the band set to release their 3rd LP Good Night, Tomorrow on Mint Records. The record is a progression both musically and lyrically from their older material while still maintaining the hook-centric philosophy of their previous releases. The band has become legendary in Vancouver for wild shows and gruff but catchy punk rock melodies. They draw from classic punk roots like the wiry pop of The Buzzcocks and the gravely anthems of Stiff Little Fingers, but have a unique West Coast approach that would align them with the catchiest of the Lookout! or Dirtnap Records catalog. Though none of the band’s songs overstay their welcome, you’ll find yourself humming one of their hooks days after seeing them play or hearing the record. Recorded with Jesse Gander (Japandroids, White Lung) in Vancouver at Rain City Recorders, the record shows an organic growth from the power pop of their previous two albums. Guitarist and singer Adam Solomonian’s voice is gruffer from playing hundreds of shows, and you can see a richer appreciation of the group’s influences such as Jawbreaker and the Replacements at play in the song writing. Tony Dubroy’s solid bass lines and Macey Budgell’s heavy drumming combine to form a powerful rhythm section that perfectly complement Solomonian’s simple-but-pointed guitar playing.
  9. Piss Test formed in Portland, Oregon when drummer Rodrigo Diaz was mandated to urinate in a plastic jar in order to secure steady work. Rodrigo brought up the idea of forming a punk band idea to former Red Don, Zach Brooks. They decided to forgo looking for a bass player, and teach Zach’s better-half Samantha Gladu to play. Rodrigo and Zach figured the last thing the world needs is another punk band with three aging dudes. After all, the couple-plus-a-drummer lineup worked for Dead Moon. And like Toody before her, Samantha quickly became the driving force of the band, making it her mission to encourage women to start bands and telling the creeps to fuck off. What’s with the Dead Moon references? Piss Test don’t sound like Dead Moon! None of them even own a leather vest. You would like specific references? Think about the angrier side of early Texas or SoCal punk, with a dose of the Great Pacific Northwest (where bands can’t help but sound a little bit like The Wipers). Piss Test have also had several comparisons to Proletariat, which they weren’t really going for, but don’t complain about. Following their debut album and a few seven-inches on various labels, Piss Test toured under the clever ruse of being the “biggest band in Europe” because Germans don’t understand irony. The band will be back to Europe in the Fall of 2017 (if their new authoritarian leader permits it). On the new record, some songs are funny; some songs are serious; but none are autobiographical. 100 on red vinyl/400 on black. Comes with a download code. Vinyl: https://www.dirtcultrecords.com/products/piss-test-lpii Bandcamp : https://dirtcultrecords.bandcamp.com/album/lpii Spotify:
  10. Both of these records are out now Warsong - Control LP After leaving their mark on three continents, Zaragoza, Spain’s WARSONG are back with a new 12", their first sung entirely in Spanish. This is their most complexly rich record to date - an arresting soundtrack for dark times. Those who have been following this band for a while will also notice less distortion, longer and more elaborated song structures, and an unexpected treat on “Dejando Atrás” featuring guest vocals from the singer of ACCIDENTE (. . I’d be hard pressed to find a current comparison because WARSONG has few musical contemporaries- they are truly carving out their own path. I hear the convergence of diverse elements such as THE ONLY ONES, early NEW ORDER, the WIPERS, SONIC YOUTH, and THE RAMONES blended up and spewed out against the neoliberal end times. Accidente - Pulso LP "Socio-political melodic/pop-punk from Spain. Wait, sorry, really amazing socio-political melodic/pop-punk from Spain. If it wasn’t for the fact that the lyrics are in Spanish, I wouldn’t have been surprised if you told me this band came up through the New Brunswick, NJ basement scene—or at least were from somewhere on the East Coast. Equal parts melodic hardcore and straight up pop-punk, with beautiful vocals by Blanca. All of this together sounds like something in between the earnest swagger and jangle of the MEASURE [SA] and WORRIERS and the infectious, angered energy of LA FRACTION—or maybe like the too short-lived Syracuse band NO CONNECTION." - MRR www.dirtcultrecords.com www.dirtcultrecords.bandcamp.com
  11. San Diego, CA www.awesomefest10.com LINEUP: The Arrivals Lemuria RVIVR Red City Radio Broadway Calls Shellshag Deep Sleep Shang-A-Lang Macho Boys The Stops Violence Creeps Baby Ghosts Backbiter Bad Future Detached Objects Tim Version Robot Repair toyGuitar Raging Nathans Dyke Drama City Mouse Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band Dead Bars Stymie Slow Death The Capitalist Kids Spokenest Toys That Kill Underground Railroad to Candyland Bad Cop/Bad Cop Turkish Techno Winter Break Tiltwheel DMFK Western Settings Ash Williams and more... weekend passes are $50e $50
  12. Records are in and preorders are shipping! Clear is almost gone.
  13. Bullnettle - S/T LP There are people in the world who, if asked (hell, even if not asked), will try to convince you that This Is My Fist! was one of the most exciting and important bands of the early 2000s. I should know, because I'm one of those people. They broke up in 2012, and since that time, lead singer Annie Saunders spent some time playing in the ripping hardcore band Manipulation. But though I liked that band, when Annie reached out to tell me that she was attending veterinary school in Urbana, IL and had started a new band where she was singing, playing guitar, and writing songs, I asked her to send me some songs. I had already decided that I'd ask to release a record before the tracks had finished downloading onto my computer. Self-described as a "punkish," Bullnettle plays urgent, melodic, raspy, and lo-fi rock n roll, which would have been labeled as "college rock" when that meant something cool. Fans of This is My Fist!, rejoice! We're releasing your new favorite record. First press limited to 100 on color, 400 on black. Comes with a download code. Stream/download here Order here
  14. Divers - Achin' On 7" Hot of the heals of their highly praised "Hello Hello" LP, Portland's best band (Willamette Weekly) is back with a brand new 7"! For the unacquainted, Divers plays energetic, bombastic, and melodic punk rock. The band combines the dusty, world-weariness of Bruuuuuuce with the peppy but paranoid jumpiness of Elvis Costello. Oh, and the B side is am AMMMMMMMAZING cover of "Can't Do That" by Portland's Dead Moon! First press: 100 clear vinyl, 400 black. Split release with Snuffy Smiles (Japan) for their upcoming Japanese tour. Stream here Order here

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