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  1. For some reason my CTTM is on black vinyl, not clear pink. Got it at the Philly show. Also, no more Even If It Kills Me on the tour circuit.
  2. hey guys what's up but seriously, did anybody else notice that the stupid gear vector was removed from Lights' cheek in all the recent Little Machines promo material?
  3. I respect Mike Skinner for going out with a bang, but damn, The Streets is one thing that didn't have to end so soon. I think A Grand Don't Come for Free is genius and the bipolar ending track is enough to make a grown man cry (if you've endured listening to the entire story across 2x LPs). So glad I got my original press way back in the day.
  4. Well of course it was. This this this, a thousand times this. There's got to be somebody on here who's a friend of a friend of Lights who could ask.
  5. Probably going to get the bundle so I can expand my Lights lithograph collection. I like the direction of the new album but I must admit that I miss the dreamy space-pop of The Listening. Maybe she'll give it a second go at some future point. Shameless brag, my signed copy of her EP is my favorite record.
  6. Yes, the Audioquest which is a clone of a clone of a clone, but they all work the same. They will not scratch your records. There are dumb people on the internet.
  7. Fuck yes, I sold my original for like $70.
  8. The nice thing about that is you can add a shim or double up your mat and still be OK on a Project.
  9. Also consider the Denon DL110. I seriously can't imagine trading my DL110 for anything else until I am looking to spend $1000+. Allen, I have found that when finding a neutral VTA the tonearm level is rather useless. The important measure is the level at the head shell as measured by a cheap and small bullseye bubble level. In the US you can find them in the tools section of Home Depot for just a few dollars. As a side benefit, you can confirm that your lateral level is on point. Believe it or not, I can adjust the head shell of my Thorens TD166mkii in the lateral plane. These measurements should be calculated with a proper VTF and the cartridge engaged on a throwaway record. But you are correct about the procedure. Play your favorite track over and over and over again. My reference is The Starting Line's "Island" and it can take me 30 minutes of critical listening through a quality headphone amp and headphones to achieve my goal. Don't get discouraged. If you don't have an adjustable VTA then you can increase treble response with a thinner slipmat or increase bass response with a thicker slipmat and/or some shims between the cartridge and head shell.
  10. PS I have a Paramore tattoo lol: PPS, they played a ton of AWKIF and rare Riot! songs at this year's Parahoy, check YouTube if you're interested.
  11. Logging in just to say, damn, I can't believe this album is nine years old today. I was a naïeve 16 year old kid when this came out. I remember my first girlfriend and I would listen to this album for hours and hours, and that's really the only reason I have an attachment to this album and band. I'm really lucky to own a couple copies of the first pressing.
  12. As Allen knows I also highly recommend older Thorens stuff. As long as you get a clean one, they're built like tanks. I would not trade up my TD166 mkii unless I were starting to look at $2000+ tables. I bought my table for $200ish, threw on a Denon DL110, and a cork mat. It's heaven.
  13. If anybody's seeing Tegan and Sara in Bethlehem tomorrow (Logan???), hit me up.