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  1. Mac Demarco? Don't you mean....ATTACK DEMARCO! Anyways, I might grab it if out and about and any are left. Not waiting for it though.
  2. Let me know how that Jane's Addiction pressing is! Was close to pulling the trigger on it.
  3. I just got Candlebox in the mail yesterday. Plays pretty well. It has a Rocktober sticker on it, so not sure exactly why is was not on Rhino blog or whatever. Same as it was in 1995, 2xLP split with both albums. Now, I would not mind seeing Happy Pills on vinyl.
  4. I would love to have that Nightstop vinyl, but $55 shipped to me in U.S.? Naw man.
  5. Candlebox?! Holy crap...sweet! Never thought it would be in the same post as...Nickelback though...
  6. In the description, it does say "Coke-Bottle Clear" so I am sure it is the same variant as everywhere else. As far as I can tell, this version and black are the only 2 versions when it launches.
  7. Oh yes, now my Com Truise discography will be complete! According to the tracklist, there are more tracks than the original pressing on this? Komputer has been removed (licensing issues maybe?) and 6 have been added. More like an LP now.
  8. Yeah, to buy and ship to Atlanta it is 60 USD. No way, don't care how much I would like this. Wish it would hit Amazon.de or something. It worked for Carpenter Brut!
  9. Let the riots begin....finally! The price of the original is already down $300 haha...
  10. Hope that they press Morgan Willis' Miami Calling next...would be sweet!
  11. If you bought off Amazon, you go to My Music and the player will open. On the left side go to "Purchased Songs", then you can checkbox select the songs you want and click the download button which is in the white area in top right corner above songs. If the songs are not there then it was probably not an autorip album. If this is confusing I can take a screenshot. I bought the Trilogy 3xLP off here and I do not have any MP3's of it myself.
  12. Fantastic Album. I have the original from 2007 and Turn On The Bright Lights original also. Both sound pretty great. Glad they are reissuing this, but I agree $40 with shipping....dayummmmmm.

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