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  1. My favorite album of theirs, if it becomes available online it's a must buy for me
  2. helsabot

    Trophy Scars Reissues

    Never born, never dead should be up for preorder today: https://trophyscars.bigcartel.com/product/never-born-never-dead-lp
  3. helsabot

    Lydia - Illuminate

    I‘ve cancelled my order a few weeks ago, dropped an email and got a refund without problems...
  4. Same here...happy anyway to finally have a copy of this album...76$ shipped though...
  5. Same here...I had it in my cart but I wasn't fast enough to check out
  6. the band commented to an old instragram post of mine (where I was hoping to eventually have that album on vinyl) writing "2019". https://www.instagram.com/p/Bij_nt-joap/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=7zj3s6tc1xsx
  7. Looks like The Ocean and the Sun will be finally released on vinyl next year...I'm quite excited
  8. I like "it's all crazy" a lot, because it's different from the rest of their discography...even if i prefer the heavier stuff. 1) brother, sister 2) catch for us the foxes 3) pale horses 4) it's all crazy 5)a>b life 6)ten stories
  9. helsabot

    Smashing Pumpkins

    Solara was meh but I like the new single quite a lot...
  10. Sunbather will always hold a special place in my heart, but holy shit this new album is perfect...the more I listen to it the more I like it...there's a lot going on, lots of details which are noticeable only after a few spins.
  11. I think the evolution in their sounds is pretty evident...new bermuda is very different from sunbather, which was different from roads to judah. In Sunbather the post rock, black metal and shoegaze elements are totally blended together, in New bermuda the heavy elements of their sound are way heavier, and the soft parts softer...they pushed everything to the extremes. From the first 2 tracks off the new record I feel like they are further stretching their sound, it's becoming something different, rawer, moodier...I admit i couldn't be more excited for what's coming next.
  12. helsabot

    Flenser Releases

    The new mamaleek song is amazing, ordered the mustard + silkscreened cover right away