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  1. This might’ve slipped through the cracks for a few people who’ve been after an OG. White /50: https://store.deadbrokerecords.com/on-the-might-of-princes-where-you-are-lp-white.html Ocean Swell /100: https://store.deadbrokerecords.com/on-the-might-of-princes-where-you-are-lp-ocean-swell.html Black /200: https://store.deadbrokerecords.com/on-the-might-of-princes-where-you-are-lp.html
  2. Mine was delivered earlier today. The flexi is their cover of "In Metal" by Low.
  3. Been waiting for a good chance to post this since I found it last year. I went to a local shop that I don't frequent often and went through the 7"s. Pulled out a few things that peaked my interest, one of them being a record by a band called Epitaph (admittedly, thought it was an early release by the label). It was in the store for 4ish years so it was marked down to $1. I obviously picked it up because it looked like something I'd be into. I got home and did a quick Google and Discogs search with no results. Figuring it was just some obscure band who had one release and called it
  4. Yeah I know. She was still given the records found in storage though.
  5. **Not trying to start a witch hunt, just trying to find some info.** Apologies for the bump, but anyone know how many pressings Iodine did? I was under the impression it was just the first run of black, clear, blue, and white with a TCR reissuing it a few years back. I own an Iodine test but I'm talking to someone who got his from Casey (founder of Iodine) and he told me there were multiple pressings according to Casey. Apparently there were 3 tests made for the first press and 8 for a supposed 2nd press. As for the whereabouts of those, (according to this guy) Jesse ha
  6. One is for me, one is a surprise for a friend who didn't have money the day they went up. If he ended up scoring a copy without me knowing, I'll sell it for cost + shipping but I'm pretty sure he didn't. Edit: It's been claimed if he has one.
  7. I found hairs stuck under the paint on my vertigo flowers edition. Should I request a refund and a tour press?
  8. If anyone is in the Philly area and wants to avoid shipping costs, Repo Records has one copy each of the electric blue and green. Sadly they didn't get any of the stress balls.
  9. http://www.popsike.com/php/m-detaildata.php?itemnr=251416819575 Only other copy I could find. Based on the description, maybe it was a label exclusive? Edit: Seems it was the first batch of the 800 according to the second to last listing. https://www.discogs.com/sell/history/5180989 "Unplayed copy of the first run. #104/180. New but never sealed. Comes in stickered Glassnote Records poly sleeve. Looks to be a perfect copy, crisp sleeve and records."
  10. I wouldn't stress if you can't order the deluxe today. Based on the tape reels, there should be well over 10,000 of these made.

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