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  1. Set Sale, add $4 for shipping. Just need to purge a few duplicates/stuff I don’t listen to anymore. All records are unplayed. Sumac - What One Becomes (Clear) $20 Kayo Dot ‎– Plastic House On Base Of Sky (Piss Yellow/Orange Crush) $15 God Is An Astronaut ‎– Origins (Clear) $20 Slight creases on face of jacket Chevelle ‎– The North Corridor (Black, signed) $10 Slight shelf wear Rosetta ‎– Quintessential Ephemera (Clear w/ Green Splatter) $16 Crease on spine Swans ‎– Swans (Black, RSD 2015) Free to first person who wants i
  2. Kurazz


    Double post.
  3. Anyone going to a future show willing to grab me a clear tour copy? I'll make sure it's worth your time.
  4. Featuring new liner notes, an interview with Clint Mansell, and artwork by Nicole Gustafsson, “The Fountain” will be pressed on 180 gram vinyl, and available to MondoCon attendees in a limited special edition of 500 copies. The soundtrack will also be available in a general release edition starting in November. Sauce .. Gonna need that limited. Edit: Is anyone here going to MondoCon? If so, can you grab me one. Edit2: James already beat me to it.
  5. I'll give it a try. I found Mists and Draenor to both be complete shit. Quit after playing both for a month. Haven't truly enjoyed the game since Wrath. Just waiting for new Overwatch season at this point.
  6. Nope. edit: The first one was enjoyable for a day, at most.
  7. I used a $100 bill to measure, it's a perfect match. I get you though, I've learned that you can't rely on anyone so I just focus on flanking the enemy which generally leads us to victory. I also pity everyone who plays this game on console, I constantly shake my head at the balancing troubles. I don't know how you guys do it.

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