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  1. I hope they make a limited resin evokid. or something else super sweet.(resin firecracker and bee) im not down for signed records. I would rather get them in person from the band like all my others.
  2. preorder is up for 1st new record in 7 years.... new song here....https://killlincolndc.bandcamp.com/album/cant-complain 2 variants are already sold out..... http://badtimerecords.limitedrun.com/products/668071-kill-lincoln-cant-complain-12-vinyl-digital bundle selling out fast.... http://badtimerecords.limitedrun.com/products/670257-kill-lincoln-cant-complain-vinyl-merch-bundle
  3. everything was numbered earlier. now they have removed the numbers.
  4. I don't expect it to be Anthem seeing how it lost the vote on warners run out groove thing
  5. if that's all it is then its gonna be a hard letdown
  6. Can not wait https://gph.is/1fhC1qr
  7. One of my fav's growing up. Never would I have thought that this would make it onto vinyl. glad im in the A-F record club. now if they would only make a new album...
  8. I've ordered numerous records from banquet over the last few years and all have arrived in great shape. If I didn't place a order the other through march I woulda went with banquet
  9. New Frenzal Rhomb https://www.fatwreck.com/record/detail/978
  10. awesome pics Vinyl addict!!! I cant wait for my "more Probable than not Tshirt" and goodell is a clown shirt arrive
  11. i ordered a bunch of knock off white legos before Xmas for a scene i do. I didnt have any problems with them connecting. the only issue i had was the shade was a tad brighter than the regular white blocks. But besides that the price was great for what i needed
  12. I'm still looking for the blue evo kid they are selling on tour. If anyone can grab me one that would Be amazing and I will make it worth your time