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  1. Hey beautiful people, I am currently looking for some Brutus records, demo tapes, test pressing, rarities, CDs, merch. Thanks for your time and help :)
  2. Hey VC community I'm searching for any Dave Hause / Loved Ones prints and posters that you may want to sell (for gig posters or leaflets; they don't need to be headline shows) These may include Johnny Cupcakes and revival tour ! Please PM me if you do Thanks Viking1986
  3. Does anyone happen to have any spares? By the time I could get on the website they had all gone...
  4. For those here whom aren't following The All Brights facebook page.. here it is https://www.facebook.com/theallbrights For those whom aren't facebook users and want a preview of the All Brights material https://soundcloud.com/the-all-brights Enjoy!
  5. Looking for the following: Dave Hause - House 7" - Grey /300 (aka Melanin 7") Dave Hause - House 7" - red /300 (aka Melanin 7") Dave Hause - House 7" - release show cover /15 (aka Melanin 7") Dave Hause - Resolutions EP CD-Single Dave Hause / Cobra Skulls "Split" 7" Limited Hand Painted Cover/Back Vinyl Dave Hause - TEST PRESSES The Loved Ones - Build and Burn - Green / 318 The Loved Ones - any Friends Presses / test presses The Loved Ones - "S/T" 10" - 10th Anniversary Edition - Black / 100 The Loved Ones - "S/T" 10" - 10th Anniversary Edition - Red / 200 The Loved Ones - "S/T" 10" - 10th Anniversary Edition - Silver / 200 The Loved Ones - Keep Your Heart - Grey /230 The Loved Ones - Keep Your Heart - Black Revival Tour LP 2011 - / Red Revival Tour LP 2011 - / Cream If I've missed anything: feel free to make suggestions Tote Bag, CDs, Tshirts, hoodies, posters, cassettes and any other paraphernalia are welcome!!!!! Many thanks!
  6. Anyone happen to have a spare tote bag? and as i'm going out on a limb, maybe a red vinyl to go with it? PMs are welcome

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