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  1. I'd say so. I think YFW and Daisy are going for like 20-30 for the lowest value press and pretty much every press of TDAGARIM is going for more than that.
  2. I just updated my list. Thanks! http://deadformat.net/tradelist/ryantn
  3. Does anyone actually want them to repress Deja and cause this whole shenanigan again? Don't get me wrong; I'm dying for a copy, but I'm curious.
  4. Any chance you're interested in the clear TDAG repress?
  5. I have specifically been wanting this album to listen to Jesus and I finally did tonight. Cheers
  6. got a red copy of TDAG!

  7. so sad none of the shows are anywhere close to me.....yay southeast. I suppose it could be worse though. Has everyone found the sound quality of the different TDAG versions to be good?