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  1. I appreciate the warning, but that is honestly exactly my expectation. I want to get involved, and there are some releases I want to see that I don't think would ever happen otherwise, so I'm happy to buy in with money and time.
  2. I'm interested in licensing a few albums that currently lack physical releases. I don't have any expectations of profiting from this - it's just something I want to do, and if it ever even breaks even, that's just a bonus. It'd all be very niche artists, so I wouldn't be approaching labels that would have their own licensing structure - it'd be more approaching small independent artists, and the onus for structure / documents would be on me presumably. I would primarily be paying a lump sump of money to an artist to license their music for X copies, and then I'd manufacture and sell those X copies. I'm trying to figure out what legal responsibilities would be involved (mechanical licensing, etc.), and I also want to create a professionally worded document for my contract with artists. I want to protect myself, yes, but I also want to make the artist comfortable that they are protected as well. I have absolutely no intentions besides manufacturing and selling the agreed-upon X physical copies, and I want that to be clear so there is no suspicion of the potential for their music to be exploited in any way. I know this forum used to be involved with that kind of thing. Does anyone have experience with this, or know of a good resource or template for something like this? Thanks.
  3. Okay, thanks. ebay: 597, 750, 450 (sold) - presumably not including shipping prices? Discogs: 970.15, 708.96, 650 (sold), 1162 (currently asking) - presumably not including shipping prices? I'd do 700 including all shipping and insurance.
  4. Alexisonfire Box Set, the original edition with the 4 albums and the 9 EPs. I removed the shrinkwrap to look at it after receiving it back in early 2014, but it's never been played and is in 'like new' condition. I never intended to part with this, but I have some unexpected expenses and must say farewell. I've been registered on this forum for awhile but almost exclusively as a lurker. I have substantial feedback on eBay (https://www.ebay.com/fdbk/feedback_profile/bevilacq12) and a few sales on Discogs (https://www.discogs.com/sell/seller_feedback/bevilacqua.cory). This item is currently cross-listed on Discogs. I searched this site, eBay, and Discogs looking for past sale prices, and only Discogs turned up anything. Given that data, I'm looking for $800 (edit: $700 based on discussion below). I'm not looking to break the record on the price for this, just get approximately what it's worth, so if you have evidence that the Discogs sales are outliers and can show me otherwise, I'd reconsider based on that new information.
  5. Love this band - Fever Hunting means so much to me. Really digging the new songs, I hope this whole project will be a CD / LP once it's done.
  6. I honestly expect that to be a mistake. Those are the "digital deluxe edition" bonus tracks. No other UK retailers seem to match that tracklisting for the physical CD and vinyl options. The absence of the "deluxe CD" option really pisses me off - Epitaph does it all the time now, as do other labels (case in point: Relapse's release of the new Red Fang album).
  7. I want to start an independent label and release some vinyl/CDs of smaller bands that are currently digital only. Is there any guide or resource that provides basic info on doing this? I'm not currently interested in "signing" bands or dealing with recording or anything like that, just the licensing/distribution rights to press a certain number of albums and then sell them. I'm just not sure where to start with putting together a contract for that that thoroughly protects my rights and the artists' rights.
  8. Is there anywhere to just buy the Flicker, Fade 7"? I really want a copy but can't find anything besides the expensive preorder packages with a bunch of things I don't want.
  9. Justin - Is the remastered self-titled CD up on Dine Alone's webstore yet? There's a listing, but it's ambiguous if the CD is remastered or only the iTunes link, and trying to buy the CD leads to what looks like an old Kings Road listing (http://kingsroadmerch.com/dine-alone-records/view/?id=4512&cid=1379) that says it's a Distort pressing of the CD. I don't want to buy until I'm sure it's the remastered CD. Also, any chance of a CD boxset? I LOVE the look of the vinyl box set packaging, I'm just more of a CD collector. Even if not a full boxset, I would love some kind of CD "EPs and B-sides" collection that includes stuff never on CD before like Math Sheets, Dogs Blood, Death Letter, iTunes Originals, Aussie, Insulation, etc. (not counting CD-Rs for some of those, I mean a nice CD-ROM release).

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