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  1. I bought it from dodax, they shipped it just fine, the real question is who decided to leave it out in the rain. I mean, it was out by the front door (which is under a roof) when I got home, but since it was still soaking wet, it had to have been someplace else for quite some time. Still, first time this has happened in roughly 15 years of buying records, so not a bad statistic, but man, it takes some balls to drop a package like that off thinking " should be fine"
  2. For EU peeps, Lover 2xLP is 22€ shipped on dodax.de (and at/it/nl). By far the best price I could find.
  3. Man, this album really is stellar. It's been on a daily rotation since release and I don't see that changing anytime soon. It also kind of feels like a pop compilation, so many songs have a "some other current pop artist" feel, The Man gives me a Haim vibe, I Think He Knows is a straight up CRJ song, especially that chorus, London Boy sounds so much like a Tessa Violet track, and there's also a nice mix of previous TS sounds, especially getting a Red vibe with some of the slower ones. I feel like the weakest point is ME!, more specifically that dude's part. I Forgot, The Man and Paper Rings are current faves. I think I might even like this better than CRJs Dedicated, but maybe just because there's just a bit more of it.
  4. Is there one usually? The only recent poly order I did was the Kero Kero Bonito lot and I don't remember any tests either. Anyway, here's the link: https://polyvinylrecords.com/product/usa
  5. FINALLY. After nearly two million years, USA will be released. There's a countdown on their website for next week, likely for POs to go up. https://shop.anamanaguchi.com/password
  6. So I just found this on discogs, apparently the UO exclusive is purple: so either there's a different instore variant, or the website description is wrong. Those who ordered online, could you please post which one you get once it arrives?
  7. How does 27€ sound then? $40 CAD on amazon.ca: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07TNVWQB2
  8. Speaking of, that Tim 7" is back in stock on the EU site as well: https://store.digitalstores.co.uk/bigmachine/*/*/Tim-McGraw-7/66ID0000000
  9. Non-EU countries still need to pay import VAT from US (or any other foreign country for that matter). If/when UK leaves, the only thing different will be that you'll have to pay VAT when importing from all EU countries as well. Unless UK decides to up the tax exemption threshold value, I think it's around 18 GBP now? Australia notoriously had a $1000 threshold for importing "low value" goods, but recently changed it to much less. Other than UK miraculously working out a tax free trade with the US, you're likely to pay more tax on your international purchases, not less*. *oversimplification, for brevity
  10. I mean, she's obviously no carly, but I'm still optimistic. That first single is definitely much better when it's not a duet: