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  1. From the ebay listing: Tony Hawk's ProSkater soundtrack LP SIDE A "Police Truck" Dead Kennedys "Jerry Was a Race Car Driver" Primus "Committed" Unsane "Euro-Barge" The Vandals "Cyco Vision" Suicidal Tendencies SIDE B "Vilified" Even Rude "Here and Now" The Ernies "New Girl" The Suicide Machines "Superman" Goldfinger "Screamer"/"Nothing to Me" Speedealer flat shipping 4.50$ for all the U.S.
  2. Not sure if it was posted, but red/yellow is up on amazon as well. I wish there was something else up on that UK site, I don't need b-sides and I don't want to pay that shipping charge for one record.
  3. I got my blue/yellow split w/ splatter in on Aug 10 from the EU Fat store (KRM). Still waiting for the US one to ship. Not sure why the heavy delay, transit never should take this long. Maybe they just forgot to order the pressing of the US batch initially.
  4. Managed to checkout with the coke botlle with glitter. Would have gone for the $10 cheaper variant from the EU store, but glitter.
  5. Is this the "blast from the past" week? I totally forgot that I really love IATA. Instabuy.
  6. Wasn't a big fan of anything after TDB. A few songs in, this sounds way better than anything after TDB Went for the euro variant, though that early bird poly is bound to turn out great, but certainly not enough to justify the extra $20.
  7. Barely any left. This one was fast. edit: by the time the post went through the stock went out Do we expect an immediate repress again?
  8. I'm a big Tula fan, so I picked up the Ellie one, plus I already have two Cook & Becker ones, so I'm good with TLOU2 for a while.
  9. Yeah back up with a January ship date. Might just arrive in time for my birthday Life is good now.
  10. looks like it's gone now I just remembered these went up today maybe 10 minutes ago went to site, added colored to cart went to post on a local forum that they're up went to checkout only to get the sold out screen this is devastating I don't think I've ever asked this before, but did anyone grab an extra? I'm broken.
  11. If I interpreted correctly what you're describing, it could be that the tracking force isn't set properly (too light) and the intense waveforms of heavier low end are microbumping the cartridge up. Check to see if you've set the correct tracking force, maybe re-do that part of the setup process. Another possibility would be that there is physical interference impacting the whole tonearm/cart combination if you've got the table placed on the same surface as the speakers. Make sure to place the turntable on a surface that gets no (or as minimal as possible) vibrations from anything, be it those produced by the speakers or just the vibrations transferred from the floor when you walk or do anything really. It's also possible that there's a buildup of dust/particles on the tip of the actual needle that prevents it from dipping completely into the groove, but you'd have to play records for a while in a very dusty environment for that to happen. And it would be noticeable on all records, not just some.
  12. Yeah, combined with the strict "no cancellations" policy, it's not the best move. would partake in the sale, if international postage for 1 LP wasn't fifty fuckin dollars.
  13. Blue and pink Emotion now also available in the EU store: https://store.universalmusic.com/carlyraejepsen/