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  1. Also, Polyvinyl put up a repress of Endless Fantasy a while back: https://www.polyvinylrecords.com/product/endless_fantasy
  2. Oh wow, thanks for the heads up! Edit: damn, looks like there was a white vinyl /10 variant available at one point.
  3. It's an especially new feeling for me because it's the first time I bought a brand new piece of gear and disliked it. Will probably just sell it on and take the loss. I mean, it might be a good choice for better recorded albums, but with the stuff I mostly listen to, it's really not a fun experience. What do you use now? I might even go ahead and dip my toes into MC waters, but don't really want to go over $1000, be it MM, MC, MI, whatever.
  4. Netherlands is also notorious for high shipping costs, I think I pay around 20 € within EU.
  5. I'm surprised it isn't longer. Anyways, I recently picked up a 2M Black and I'm honestly not feeling it. Boosted up top, thin in the mid. Running through an ifi iphono 2. Meh
  6. @jhulud don't sleep Also, the Japanese CD has two bonus tracks, Let’s Be Friends & Always on My Mind
  7. From what I gather they don't deliver the signed bundles to anywhere outside UK for whatever reason. I just used a mail forwarding service. Man this day was way more expensive than I expected, got the Signed LP, UO LP and two signed CD bundles for $150 total, and that's not even counting the customs fees that are sure to come.
  8. Signed LPs in her webstore: https://shop.carlyraemusic.com/products/signed-dedicated-side-b-lp-digital-album
  9. Could you maybe share a couple pics of how you have everything connected on both ends? The TT RCA/ground connection and the phono RCA/ground connection. Maybe there's something hiding in plain sight.
  10. It's strange that there wouldn't be any hum when you take off the ground wire, but if for some reason it works fine, it's completely safe so there's no need to worry. Did you perhaps move the phono close to some power adapter, maybe close to any of the speakers? It might cause some interference. Also, maybe try plugging in the phono to a different wall outlet, or just rotate the power plug (or any other plugs) 180 degrees. I can't really imagine how/why there would be less hum without the ground wire connected.
  11. Vinyl up on ambientinks for US: https://merch.ambientinks.com/collections/themidnight/featured?fbclid=IwAR0Bxgh1ZMCdhV0ycnVeUOhJJMYT1gCGFOaPYqeHeAyl2fx1NAQuY6TMukk And midnight store for UK: https://store-uk.themidnightofficial.com/
  12. New Real McKenzies up: https://fatwreck.com/products/beer-and-loathing?mc_cid=51d7770358&mc_eid=9488d502af
  13. That's how mine arrived, though they were only a day apart. I was worried for a second that they messed up my order, until I remembered the order page said stuff might ship separately. Great looking package, I just wish it included the pink record instead. Might just double dip down the road, because that yellow isn't really doing it for me.