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  1. When you join you can see it on their petreon page a couple of posts down. It says it's for July, but still works. 10% off.
  2. Thanks, grabbed it. I've had this album on my wishlist since around 2012. Never picked up any of the represses because with international shipping and tax it was always more than I wanted to spend. This was WAY more now, but it's the best looking package yet and the extra tracks definitely help sell it. Glad I can finally cross this one off.
  3. Thanks, that doesn't sound too bad. Are they still in stock via patreon? Will join asap then.
  4. Could anyone that's in the patreon check for me how much international shipping costs (to Slovenia, preferably)? I wouldn't really want to spend $5 just to learn that it totals at something like $80 shipped.
  5. the CA store link calls it "emotion-vinyl-deluxe-expanded-edition-preorder" so I guess it's likely, but then it's also a dumb choice not pointing it out in the actual listing
  6. Funnily enough, I asked in the recent AMA if there are any plans on doing represses of pre-Dedicated stuff on colored vinyl. I'll count this as my reply, as I didn't get one there
  7. 5th anniversary colored represses of Emotion up for PO: https://emotion.carlyraejepsenshop.com/products/emotion-limited-edition-5th-anniversary-vinyl YES PLEASE
  8. I'm reading this as them getting #1 (as was advertised), but the exact color of #1 beeing not yet confirmed.
  9. Thanks for this, I had an order with the UK store, but shipping is cheaper here.
  10. wanted to just make a reference to Juan's use of delicate, but thought this was more appropriate.
  11. if it's anything like the gold one, it'll go down in stock and then back up at least five times really want to grab one though, that color looks dope, but at $50 shipped it's definitely not the smartest way to spend my money
  12. Just a heads up, after a ton of delays, this finally released today. Haven't listened yet, though. Records also started shipping a couple of days ago.
  13. Up in the EU store as well: https://shop.virginemi.com/taylorswift/
  14. dude I just googled Marissa Nadler and clicked on the first song that came up I let it play in the background, scroll down here, saw this post, went to your insta, scrolled through it, got to your For My Crimes pic at the EXACT moment I hear her sing "for my crimes" in the background. spooky shit