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  1. Yup, that VGM group kinda went down the toilet. Not that I was too invested really, and boots aren't my thing, but still the place got weird.
  2. They should. But you've been a fan since mid 90s, maybe you should too.
  3. Release day variant for NOFX popped up on an AUS store, apparently it's green.
  4. Yeah, I've been eyeing the discogs listings, was wondering more if there's like a shop/retailer that might have something in stock, as it seems that lately thre's tons of colored fat pressings from not fat
  5. I listened to this and was surprised to really like it, it's the first nofx album I picked up since self entitled. Now looking to add the missing few (first ditch, frank turner split, potentially ribbed live). Are any of them still widely available at (or close to) retail in any colored variation?
  6. I came in here like "am I gonna buy another AFI record just because I used to really liked them over a decade ago?", but listened to the songs and was pleasantly surprised. I don't think I listened to either blood record or the missing man more than twice, but this I kinda vibe with.
  7. Buy a $20 portable speaker and hook it up to your table. It'll sound like shit, but still better than running it through a bass amp.
  8. Bleachers MTV Unplugged, "Shadow" specifically Not sure if the full thing is still online, but you can find it on sharemania. Incredible show.
  9. Same. Still waiting on my test, judging by the weight on the postage label it might be a 2xlp.
  10. I caved and bought, but that $36 shipping for three 10"s was brutal. Hoping these go up in the EU store.
  11. Yeah, and going FAST. Ataris was probably a smaller run, but less than 80 left.
  12. Just over $150 with shipping and tax, gonna have to pass. I used to have maybe the second pressing of this and kinda regret selling it, but not $150 regret

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