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  1. Started at around 3k (got 2892 when I checked), already half gone.
  2. Not at all related, but if anyone here knows it's probably you. Is there any talk about a possible non-pic disc pressing of Swift's Reputation? I vaguely remember some mentions about a year back, and that's why I still haven't pulled the trigger on that pic disc release, but if it's still all quiet I might as well.
  3. Not sure if serious but it's right there: https://fatwreck.com/collections/vinyl/products/youre-welcome
  4. I just saw that the clear with splatter is now available outside of the bundle as well: https://shop.afireinside.net/the-missing-man-clear-with-splatter-vinyl-ep.html Glad to be able to pick it up on its own.
  5. See, I think it's third best after TFA and ESB. But I watch them as a fan of cinema, not as a star wars fan, so what would I know.
  6. I cancelled my amazon PO just yesterday because I found it cheaper on dodax (21€ shipped, saved me about 7€). Cannot wait though. Also, there's a really good price on amazon US at the moment, just over $21. New song to help with the wait
  7. The only thing I was disappointed by with the new Midnight is the length. It really was promoted as an album. The songs are incredible though.
  8. Thanks for the heads up! Grabbed the bundle. Was really kicking myself for not picking up either press of Bonito Generation, so just this alone was great news. But most of their catalog in one sweep? Yes please.
  9. Even though the songs do sound kind of samey, I really love this album. Here's all the versions that are out there, for anyone who cares: Indie exclusive clear Webstore exclusive red HMV exclusive slipcover
  10. I've been checking throughout the day, it went down to around 200 and then jumped to just under 2700, so I'm guessing the initial 4000 plus 2500 so far.
  11. The only thing I'm not a fan of is that it's essentially a 6-track EP. I need more Midnight! The songs are brilliant though. Also, just got shipping confirmation for Days of Thunder and Endless Summer 2xLP, cannot wait.
  12. I love everything they've done so far, so I'm really excited.
  13. Not shrink wrapped, but in a sealed poly bag with a tearaway edge. That's how Fat receives (or received back then) all tests, not sure if it's per their request or just standard procedure for whichever plant does them. I only found a pic of the Short Music one on my PC, but here's what it looks like:
  14. Is this the first poll on VC? I've never seen that questionmark icon before. I've got around 30. I mostly buy them for albums I absolutely adore. Some I got because they were cheap. I listen to most, though I've got a sealed More Betterness test and I'm never opening that one ever. Ever.