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  1. I wonder why it's still not listed on any major shopping website like amazon.com for example. I still did not find any official announcement about this repress. It was a bit different with the regular Hybrid Theory Reissue.
  2. Luckily my LP set did not arrive damaged at all. There is a very small cut through the shrink foil but it's not deep. The package was packed "normally" but HT did not use any bubble wrap at all. Since the paper box was a bit open at the edges, the LP did experience some minor bends at the edges (see pictures below.) Cut through foil: Bends at the edges: I have also received another reissue of Meteora. Comparison between both of them, that is a standard reissue (inofficial?) and gold HT: As you can see from the stickers (EAN codes) these are different issu
  3. Unfortunately I can't. I need to pick it up from there, open it in presence of a customs officer and pay customs afterwards... Same procedure as every time I order something from HT...
  4. My package is at the customs again. Have to pick it up 15 miles away from here. Why isn't HT placing the invoice at the outside of the package? If the airport custom office can't find it there it will be sent to another local custom office instead of my front door...
  5. That is uninsured shipping. edit: sorry, need to correct this. It's ~20 USD for tracked shipping (DHL). Even though this is not twice the item's price this is still not a cheap variant either. In case of any damage I'd like to get the LPs back with a tracking ID, so I guess I'd have to pay the price for that shipping method anyway.
  6. Just in case that my LP might arrive damaged, are there any chances that I will get a refund outside of the U.S.? I mean, shipping costs back to California is like 2 times the item's actual price
  7. Can anybody specify this LP? I have not heard of any other repress than the HT one at the moment. I doubt they are selling the initial 2003 release.
  8. OT: What about the Meteora Repress? Amazon.de / marketplace had a few copies available for ~ 30 USD. It did not say whether it was the HT version or a normal repress. It has sold out by now. I ordered one, estimated delivery in ~8-16 days. Comes from the UK/Swiss. Wonder what that LP will look like. Aaaand hopefully my HT vinyl will not have any scratches. Looks like damages from a box cutter?
  9. I do appreciate your help, thanks a lot :-) How much do you want for the record plus shipping to Germany? Have a nice day Rgds Btw, your inbox is full.
  10. Linkin Park - Meteora (HT gold exclusive, ltd. to 1.500 pcs)
  11. OT thought: Why would the first pressing of Meteora become cheaper once there is a repress out there? Slap me when I'm wrong.
  12. http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/96871-wtb-linkin-park-meteora-ht-repress/?hl=meteora Seems like he is looking for a copy, but I can't tell if he want's to trade.
  13. Hey guys, do you still have one left? I would like to buy a copy PM me if you are interested, thanks.
  14. Didn't know this was pressed I'd like to get one of these, too. Is there anyone who might offer a sealed one? I've just ordered Meteora at HT and I'm not in the mood for paying another 40$ for shipping.

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