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  1. Woods - Live at TMR (black and blue split, 12") Ty Segall - Horn the Unicorn (cassette) Ty Segall Band - Motorhead/Paranoid (Australian tour 7", hand drawn cover by band) Ty Segall Band - Motorhead/Paranoid (2nd pressing 7", red stamp) Smog - Tired Tape Machine (cassette) Smog - Macramé Gunplay (cassette) Smog - A Table Settings (cassette) Smog - Cow (cassette) Bleem - Halfdoll EP (cassette) Songs: Ohia - Albion Radix Unitas (cassette) Songs: Ohia - Pranger demos (cassette) Songs: Ohia - London demos (cassette) VA - All Prayer is Good (cassette) VA - The Mechanic Compilation (cassette) The Woolen Men - The Portland Building (cassette)The Woolen Men - Sunday (cassette)The Woolen Men - Tour Tape One (cassette)The Woolen Men - The Hair of the Night EP (cassette)The Woolen Men - split with Lame Drivers (cassette)The Woolen Men - Fear (Man Revisited) Tour Tape 4 (cassette)The Woolen Men - Live Unplugged (cassette)The Woolen Men - Tour Tape Three (cassette) The Microphones - Microphone Mix (cassette)The Microphones - Wires + Cords (cassette)The Microphones - Microphone (cassette)The Microphones - Tests (cassette)Tugboat - The Tugboat Fiasco (cassette)X-Ray Means Woman - Face Shapes (cassette)Browyn Holm - Browyn (cassette)Dennis Driscoll - Is It Love? (cassette)Mostly Clouds and Trees - Beautiful Face (cassette)Karl Blau - Live (cassette)
  2. Looking to buy some ty stuff. If anyone out there needs some quick money to pay rent, I'm 100% down to buy. Looking for Horn the Unicorn wizard mountain versions, The Traditional Fools Live at Wizard Mountain and SF Rock Comp (tape version) Also looking for I Hate the Kids 7"
  3. Looking for a copy of this split cassette with the white background. Let me know if you have a copy! http://www.discogs.com/viewimages?release=1945738
  4. Anyone have a NM-M copy looking to sell?
  5. Anyone have a copy of this they're looking to sell PM me!
  6. Anyone have this pedal and looking to sell? Let me know...
  7. I'd love to know where I can score a copy. Please let me know!
  8. It's on black at Aquarius. I'm sure Castle will be releasing few color options.
  9. Its been claimed. Enjoy! Aquarius in San Francisco is selling some early copies.