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  1. Can't get into this band at all in studio version but will always catch em live when they come by.
  2. They'll never top On The Impossible Past but this is up there. The Bars and Midwestern States are so good.
  3. The songs I've heard from this are really awesome, liking this a lot more than his last.
  4. Really surprised at the label but stoked anyway. Comes out 10/14.
  5. I've never been a fan but that song kicks ass. Great momentum, relentless. Renacer isn't awful but its just typical metalcore. This is fresher sounding. Stoked to hear another song.
  6. I'm not in love with their last two but I liked them and Brother Sister and Foxes are incredible. Stoked on this.
  7. Kind of wish it was the original artwork cause the colors match the new album so well, but that's a minor complaint. Loved this album for years before Home and glad it's finally being pressed.
  8. God, I am loving the shit out of this. This is better than anything that they've done both songwriting and production wise. This sounds monstrous in good headphones. Fully anticipating their next full length.