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  1. Received shipping notification. It's on its way.
  2. th11thson

    ******** The EBAY Thread ********

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/282905828262?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Looking for a sign beck 45
  3. Missed this on the vault novelties. I'll pay up some for it.
  4. Saw him in Boston in early November, no vinyl.
  5. It was part of the vinyl films boxset. Came out last May I think.
  6. My theory is that this is all stock from "the uncool" (cameron crowes website, vinyl film record label). For a while they were working on an online store, maybe two years the tab was up with an under construction error link. I think it fell through and this is all stock that they were saving for it. One way or another I'm psyched i get to own some of these.
  7. th11thson

    Pearl Jam fans

  8. I ordered almost as soon as the red was put up. No shipping comfirmation, no response from those guys...bummed
  9. I need to finish this collection, I started a while ago and fell quite behind. I need all the states release so far. (Texas, Illinois, Tennessee, California, Iowa, Minnesota, and I think Michigan was released too) Original Jack White (Black and grey) RRS enamel pins both sizes RSD enamel head phone pin as well as last years Metal record pin Raconteurs copper pin The bow tie looking Third Man logo pin There is a bunch not listed here, I also have a lot but if you have any TMR related enamel label pins let me know, I want them.
  10. th11thson

    The Third Man Records Thread

    When did they put up the green electric mayhem in the shop...bummed I missed it
  11. th11thson

    FS- Fuzz, Death Cab, Ty Segall, Mondo prints

    Someone buy something bump