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  1. I also had personal bad dealings with them recently: https://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/130551-sound-stage-direct-unresponsive-to-customers/
  2. First SoundStage Direct and now Experimedia. Bummer. I had great interactions with both companies before the recent turn of events.
  3. Does anyone have any insight as to what might be happening with Sound Stage Direct? They are not answering my multiple emails and phone calls. Other customer have had similar problems:
  4. I think it isn't available anymore. Unable to add to my cart.
  5. I just sent Scott ANOTHER email. We'll see if he responds. His inaction and handling of this has ruined my feelings towards his music. This is ridiculous.
  6. Still haven't heard anything. Also, I'm pretty sure we are SOL in regards to a refund since it's through Kickstarter. Kind of tiffed that some people even got signed copies of this album back in April on RSD.
  7. I sent a message via Kickstarter today. I'll post if I get a response. At this point, I'd be fine with, "sucker!".
  8. My patience is wearing thin. I foolishly shelled out $95 plus 10 shipping for my package.
  9. My patience is wearing thin. I foolishly shelled out $95 plus 10 shipping for my package.
  10. Anyone else still waiting for that Lovesliescrushing album? I still haven't received mine.
  11. Light In The Attic's estimated ship date has been pushed to August 19th. Bummer.
  12. From what I can tell via Discogs, none of the vinyl pressings, including Modular's, have 100% of all samples. Only initial CD pressings were as intentioned.