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  1. To me it sounded like the vocals needed to be compressed a bit (or a bit more if they are already), maybe we're noticing the same thing? But yeah really good otherwise, that was the only thing I didn't like.
  2. They just repressed it, what does availability have to do with anything?
  3. They'd charge $500 a copy if we let them. Funny to watch all the record labels scrambling to kill the vinyl market all over again. I've been passing on so many things I was waiting for lol
  4. Is the chores part real? Who would want a band they're fans of to come do their dishes and shit? I'd be so uncomfortable
  5. Sounds like no plans to carry this in your shop morfiend?
  6. Please don't look at records like investments lol. The $400 you have tied up in a copy of deja is gone as soon as they decide to repress it or the vinyl fad loses steam on tumblr etc. It has virtually no instrinsic value, it's 2 hunks of plastic and some cardstock.
  7. She's already buying records back (on ebay no less) after this sob story of a thread of how she lost everything? Sounds like she's doing fine if she's already back to collecting.
  8. I mean at least they're not trying to peddle luxury tea with the overpriced represses of their former glory. But still, pass.
  9. Test press /100? I think I'd call that a variant lol
  10. http://awesomedistro.com/bsm-artist-talons/Talons_New_Topographics_Bundle.html Edit: LP on its own up now too http://awesomedistro.com/bsm-artist-talons/Talons_New_Topographics_LP.html
  11. 57 minute running time on a single LP, hmm :/

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