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  1. I had a decent experience with the first order at rough trade. I got the 3 they said they shipped. the other 2 were eventually canceled unfortunately, but I was never charged. The second order I was charged for the whole thing and it said it shipped, but has sat at label created for about a week now. they did respond to my email asking about it and said they remember packaging it and it definitely shipped, but took till Friday to be picked up. I'd think it'd have changed from label created to something else on the tracking page by now. I just keep hoping it just wasn't scanned or may
  2. I enjoyed the one song released on Spotify, seems very promising Now's a bad time to be ordering anything after my recent spending spree (unless it doesn't charge now) so I'll hold off, but excited to get a copy eventually
  3. My first order was supposed to come today, but for some reason USPS was lazy or... something happened. hopefully I get it tomorrow! Still no shipment on the other 2 that have the tracking number going nowhere. I made a second order when I regretted not getting a few, but if I don't get them, it's fine. I was impulsive. the plus is that it didn't take as long to get through the list. they must at least be clearing some off the site so people don't keep ordering them.
  4. I checked and it's pending on the credit card statement for just the partial shipment right now.
  5. I just got an email that 3 out of the 5 from my order shipped, but the other 2 are still on my order page. both have tracking numbers but the second one leads nowhere. One of the ones not shipped yet is still on their page to order, hmm. just wondering if a second shipment is likely or this is just a glitch?
  6. Yeah I was wondering about this. I ordered 5 from the rough trade sale and nothing happened yet. I got to it rather late (saturday morning I think), so maybe they're shipping them in order. hopefully I get some of them just based on spending 3hrs looking at the site
  7. I got a copy from Barnes & Noble's website and it shipped today. it looks like it's unavailable now from their store, but there is one still in their marketplace from a seller
  8. I added it to my wantlist a couple weeks ago after I relistened to the album and realized I need it. I could easily go get a black copy, but thought I'd try for the red first -- I like the idea of it matching the cover. This is the discogs listing for it: https://www.discogs.com/3-Mile-Pilot-Another-Desert-Another-Sea/release/2604375 it last sold this past December so if only I had relistened sooner If nothing comes of it, I'll just keep watching it on discogs till one shows up, but thought I'd ask before I use all of this month's budget on something else Than
  9. Just wondering if anyone saw the Wire 7" box in the US... just figuring out how many stores may have gotten it since quite a few US sellers have put them up, thanks
  10. I'm looking for a Wire 7" box. I saw some listed in US stores, so I have hope about online sales, but the amount released makes me a little worried. it's already pricey so no way am I paying what I saw on eBay/discogs so far
  11. Anyone order from amazon UK and have it take forever? I have a US copy of the album still sealed... I'm waiting to return it till I receive the UK one. I hope it's just a slight delay, but it shipped on Feb 21 and the estimate said I should've gotten it by the 8th. I used to get amazon UK packages within a week in the past, but admit I haven't ordered in awhile till now
  12. I ended up ordering the UK one from amazon UK more than a week ago, still waiting on it to arrive
  13. @aekastar I post music related posts, mostly vinyl, but if a cd is called for due to obscurity, I post it there, too. I recognize some names here, too
  14. I love those bsides, Mica is my fav I knew I held out on buying this for a reason! I still will wait and see if it's eventually available in the US before ordering though

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