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    darkforest71 reacted to fenderkid in FS - American Football for $5   
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    darkforest71 reacted to atomiclemur in F/S: Dark Side of the Moon Solid Blue UK 1st release Pink Floyd   
    Hey I'm just stating it how it is. I've got bills to pay and I know people on VC would want this record in the condition it's in at the price I'm asking for. $300 is less than anyone on here will find this go for on ebay. If I wanted more money I would put it on ebay.
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    darkforest71 reacted to tkey in selling off death metal, thrash metal, motorhead, sealed/original pressings   
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    darkforest71 reacted to timsimmons in 2014 Record Store Day - April 19   
    Oasis are re-releasing Supersonic 12" for RSD. Don't know if thats UK only or not.
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    darkforest71 reacted to HadItUpToHere in Weezer Pinkerton   
    I offer you one can of pork and beans.
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    darkforest71 reacted to jhulud in Brand New - TDAGARIM repress in 11/4   
    From has been seen so far, the Black copies have the sticker on the wrapper. They're the only ones so far that 100% do not have the sticker on the jacket itself. Makes sense as those were run after the Red and Clear ones and people started losing their shit over it. Understandably so. 
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    darkforest71 reacted to isavedlatin54 in Where Can I Get Accurate Values For My Vinyl?   
    Go away
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    darkforest71 got a reaction from atomiclemur in F/S: Dark Side of the Moon Solid Blue UK 1st release Pink Floyd   
    I'm not gonna buy but nice!! Snatched an original 1968 UK "White Album" by The Beatles (complete with all inserts) for $25 off of eBay.

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