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    darkforest71 reacted to dickcritter in Awesome Goodwill Finds   
    Found this at Goodwill a while back 

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    darkforest71 reacted to mightyamorphis in FS: Ultra rare private Japanese acetate with Queen's live performance in Tokyo, May 1st, 1975   
    The acetate was made-to-order in the same year, 1975, for a number of private collectors. From my knowledge about Japanese acetates made privately in 70s (there are few such acetate with Pink Floyd performances in existence), I can safely assume that no more than 5-10 were made in the first place, with quite possible this copy being the only one left in existence. 
    Send me a message if interested.
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    darkforest71 reacted to joshplaysdrums in SET SALE VARIOUS ARTISTS   
    PM'd!!! plz respnd
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    darkforest71 got a reaction from joshplaysdrums in WTB: Brand New "The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me" TCR Repress   
    Awesome! PM'd.
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    darkforest71 reacted to KingTacoMunster in FS: Jason Mraz - we sing we dance we steal things - sealed.   
    Damn, i was gonna offer 40 bucks. Guess id be way off.

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    darkforest71 reacted to THE_James_Champ in Want: modest mouse good news   
    And all out of the country.
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    darkforest71 reacted to djc669 in FS: Pop Punk/Drive Thru Records Collection   
    Based in The UK. Will ship worldwide.
    Hawthorne Heights - Saying Sorry - Blue - £2.50
    My Awesome Compilation - Put Up a Fight - Baby Blue - £2.50
    Saosin - Voices - Picture Disc - £8
    You Me At Six - Save It For The Bedroom - £5
    You Me At Six - The Acoustic Sessions - RSD - £8
    You Me At Six - Gossip - £5
    Fall Out Boy - Save Rock And Roll - £15
    The Cab - Whisper War - £15
    Fall Out Boy - Take This To Your Grave - Blue - £70
    Fall Out Boy - Infinity On High - Picture Disc - £30
    I Call Fives - I Call Fives - £10
    New Found Glory - Sticks And Stones - Drive Thru 228/2000 - £30
    The Starting Line - The Early Years - £10
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    darkforest71 reacted to _unproductive in Record Store Day 2015 (4/18/15)   
    can't wait till the day after to see everything on ebay for 3x the price
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    darkforest71 reacted to BuzzersonKillwell in ETR Superfans - Enjoy The Ride Records & More?   
    You realize that this is basically pointing at you right? Or is that the joke?
    I got a chuckle. 
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    darkforest71 reacted to MachoHommeRandallSauvage in ETR Superfans - Enjoy The Ride Records & More?   
    I...think that's supposed to say skaters gonna skate. Get it together, Batman. Didn't your parents ever teach you to...oh...shit.
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    darkforest71 reacted to Out Of Time in ETR Superfans - Enjoy The Ride Records & More?   
    Why isn't TV this good? Seriously. Turn this into a TV drama.
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    darkforest71 reacted to Shlebs in PO : Modest Mouse - Strangers to Ourselves   
    Ooooh a 7" with two songs that are on the record already.
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    darkforest71 reacted to DafTyler in WTB Blink 182, Panic! at the Disco   
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    darkforest71 reacted to danionly in Hot topic salvage sale(please read)   
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    darkforest71 reacted to Shinji in American Football Chicago Dates Exclusive Variant.   
    Also, NEW SONG!!! What the fuck? Who knew?!
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    darkforest71 reacted to Shlebs in American Football Chicago Dates Exclusive Variant.   
    I'm super jelly of anyone that has heard the new song already. Hoping there will be more in the future!
    Also, green/yellow > blue 
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    darkforest71 reacted to cymbalism15 in PO: Lana Del Rey - Singles Box Set (Pic Disc 4x7 French Exclusive)   
    haha that's probably the only thing I'd buy from her
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    darkforest71 reacted to agua in Vinyl in Walmart   
    Heads up, hush hush. I, sadly, work at a wal-mart. If anyone wants anything off their website, I get a 10% discount. Let me use my discount, you pay me the money, I order it and have it sent to a local store and you guys can pick it up for free.
    Just don't tell no one.
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    darkforest71 reacted to 6heart6breaker6 in American Football Blue Deluxe 2xLP Reissue Lottery   
    My last lottery went well, so I hope this one's a disaster. These are two extra copies of the American Football Deluxe (/300 blue) yadda yadda. Here's the thread to the original information.
    The price of the album will be what I paid plus $5 for shipping, handling, and love costs. If there is an international winner, then we will discuss extra shipping costs. (They were $20 a piece at the show)
    The lotto begins now and ends on...we'll go with 12:00am CST Friday, January 16th (Which is thursday night for some).
    I will be using the mauve cloud "random chooser" generator to enter the names and choose a winner.
    In order to be entered into this lottery, you must submit a response to each of the following questions:
    (1) What was your favorite teenage snack and why? 
    (2) What was your most tear-jerking high school memory?
    Pathetic questions, but for fuck's sake I'm trying to be AF relevant.
    These responses are imperative to be entered into the lottery but DOES NOT affect the chance of winning.

    PM with questions/comments/concerns.
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    darkforest71 reacted to Tidal Wave in U2 manufactures defect.   
    I think the defect was your brain for buying a U2 album.
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    darkforest71 reacted to just a normal guy kevin in Weezer - Pinkerton Deluxe Vinyl Edition   
    If they do Red or Raditude on MoFi before Maladroit I will silently be upset for a few minutes.

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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