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  1. Picked this up at Best Buy tonight as they apparently have an orange/purple half and half exclusive. I assume it won't be around too long. Best Buy Exclusive (Purple/Orange) Retail (Black)
  2. Looks like the silver sold out too, but you can save 15% on the black variant today only at Triple B Records with code "15thousand"
  3. I was literally just trying to find pics of that variant that went up a bit ago to see how it looked, and was also looking for a retail press. Anyway, stoked this popped up out of nowhere days later. Got that silver
  4. Urban Outfitters added a blue variant for $19
  5. There's a new shirt for this tour too, designed by yours truly. Looks like this:
  6. new vinyl variants and new single "float" streaming everywhere
  7. Yeah I agree, for the price the packaging is A+ and it sounds good. All the little extra details like the printed inner sleeves and obi strip are on point.
  8. Available for pre-order now via my label Near Mint, with an exclusive variant available through Melodically Deaf. Stream the first single "WOAH!" here: https://nearmint.bandcamp.com/track/woah Pressing info: 150 Clear w/ Green Smoke 100 Clear w/ Purple Smoke (Melodically Deaf Exclusive) 17 Test Presses w/ Screen Printed Jackets (Glow In The Dark) Near Mint: www.wearenearmint.com/products/634123-sirius-blvck-moon-talk-ep Melodically Deaf: https://www.melodicallydeaf.com/shop/md-001
  9. Looks like the vinyl price was changed to £19.99
  10. LVL UP - Return To Love (Test Press) Received from band for art commission - $100 shipped Mansions - Dig Up The Dead (Acoustic) (Test Press /15) Received from label for art commission - $100 shipped Ratboys - GN (Test Press /20) - $80 shipped I Kill Giants - S/T Remaster (Test Press /15) includes screen printed jacket - $55 shipped
  11. Haha I was just explaining that: 1. The re-issue isn't black and white printing so I don't know why you're talking about it
  12. There's plenty more differences than that, plus your theory on saving money on a specific area without color isn't true haha. As I said above, someone clearly re-designed the entire layout, almost all of the text is a different font face, size, spacing, but still super close.
  13. I thought the changes were super interesting too haha. As a designer, I probably thought way too much about them. I came to the conclusion that they had someone entirely re-design the layout minus being provided with the photos, as close to the original as possible, while making some minor changes whether it was purposeful or not. Just my take. The changes are interesting regardless. I do like some things about the first press more, but without comparing it, I was still super happy with the repress, for what it's worth haha.
  14. That's crazy ha. I grabbed it, and the title even says vinyl aside from it saying clear vinyl in the description, but I wonder if they'll refund/cancel if it's an error on their end ha
  15. Got my copy today and gotta say the packaging on this is awesome. The glitter texture on part of the front + all of the back cover. The bandana. The variants. AND it sounds incredible too. A+