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  1. Melodically Deaf's variant is an exclusive one-time press they'll have so be sure to hop on that! And the yellow variant, test presses, cassette, digital etc can be found via Near Mint at www.wearenearmint.com if you fancy any of those
  2. mewithoutYou's most recent EP "Untitled" is only 9.45 right now https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07JVF7LD8/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1
  3. Bandana is only $19.67 on Amazon Prime for those who don't care about a colored variant. Solid price imo since the label retails it for $22 + shipping
  4. Flash sale at NM - Save 40% for the next 24 hours. Code: FLASH40 www.wearenearmint.com
  5. Flash sale at NM - Save 40% for the next 24 hours. Code: FLASH40 www.wearenearmint.com
  6. Gotta still take some nice pics when I have the time but here's the yellow variant shipping from Near Mint next week:
  7. Anyone with a membership able to help me get 2 records that go up tomorrow? Will pay extra or whatever if needed
  8. Damn, this alternate rappcats artwork is awesome! Found on reddit
  9. I like this more than pinata personally. Shit bangs. Edit: Finally gave in and copped the Rappcats $60 exclusive
  10. I kinda regret my assumption that this would be available til it ships at least cause now it's sold out haha.
  11. The retail vinyl release date is a month after (around 7/26 like you said)
  12. Not really, because it's the exact same album just a different vinyl cut that Madlib did earlier this year, probably for himself / under his own label. The only difference that will be blatantly noticeable to the average person is the artwork / jacket Also, the only way you could have the "bonus" LP shipped to you a month early is if you ordered it before June 19th
  13. ditto. that dusty red one was neat. this album is awesome, glad the hype made me check it out