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  1. Is it a single LP jacket with 2 LP's crammed inside creating instant ring wear? Or a wide jacket for once?
  2. I have a couple, they're actually pretty well done. The only complaint I have, as with any bootlegs, are the jackets for the double LP's never being big enough haha. Never understood why boots have awesome (and typically heavy) variants but the worst jackets ever which is the easiest part
  3. I feel you, but it's odd that Target and UO both got an exclusive colorway but retail got the same as the pre-order exclusive haha. Oh well
  4. Yeah I read that somewhere where a CS rep said it in an email. It made me feel better about passing on it. However I don't understand why the clear w/ red splatter was "24 hours only" then up for a week, only for it to be available from retailers.
  5. The bonus tracks are remixes on the vinyl, not the digital versions I believe.
  6. I agree. DRW has been nothing but good to me and hooked me up in the past. Also, it sucks he isn't getting paid but that seems like a situation between him and his original label not DRW. I'm gonna assume to press this album, he had to pay for the rights just like DRW haha
  7. So the situation is this: De Rap Winkel officially licensed this album (which sold out quick, shipping this month) and Brotha Lynch Hung wasn't happy with it and tried to call them bootlegs, although the label who owns the Lynch album is the one who officially gave DRW the rights. In that post he said the "real" ones are coming soon - which appears to be this pressing. Might grab this one but if I'm being real I'm excited for the orange swirl from DRW haha.
  8. These record store sites are incredibly hard to find haha. Looking for a copy of Tyler that isn't $75 shipped from the UK
  9. Haven't really listened since Mediumship but I'm digging this so far and ordered that /300. Artwork rules too.
  10. Only 17 copies left of the orange /200 too. Blue is /300
  11. Will didn't get involved until the mastering process
  12. Yes, and it's great! Bart and I have been sitting on this album and artwork for a year now, glad people are finally hearing it! It was a long time coming haha
  13. The actor Ryan Reynolds has been sharing the album on his IG stories, he just posted the new variant even haha. Maybe that's why, who knows!