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  1. This. There is no rhyme or reason to bootleg colors. I've received copies where one of the discs is black and the other is colored.
  2. the tri-color /150 + obi's are sold out, but there's some copies of the splatter still. Moving fast
  3. The UK Exclusive is for Dog Knights in case anyone is wondering, I shortened it to fit on one line haha. Also it's the OG artwork in a gatefold for the first time. New side a/b labels too. And it's the remastered audio w/ the original samples
  4. Also worth noting, there's less than 50 copies left of the tri-color. No Sleep made a post about it earlier this week
  5. I believe they typically put up new releases on Wednesdays, but I'm pretty sure they don't follow this formula with all releases so take that with a grain of salt If I had to take an educated guess of what the record is limited to, I'd say 1-2k max, probably 2k though as it seems to be the most common number they do unless it's for like Post Malone or some shit
  6. 175 is a confirmed price. I think they're following the bundle guidelines in order for it to chart on billboard
  7. I thought I saw one of those but couldn't find anything about it. I thought I was tripping.. ha. Where is that being sold?
  8. Is the red indie variant available anywhere that someone knows about? It's sold out where I've checked so far.. Rough Trade, Bull Moose, and Amoeba