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  1. It's still up on bandcamp and roughtrade. Release date of October 4th. Genuinely curious what's gonna happen to the release date.
  2. Damn. I was wondering where the rest of the roll out was since the first single. I was looking forward to this album and gonna get the vinyl.
  3. Drive Thru never obtained the masters just a re-issue, I asked. But also Dashboard has the Swiss Army masters, per spotify changing from the previous label to Dashboard this year along with the others. I believe the only album he doesn't own is Alter The Ending but I could be wrong.
  4. 275 copies left as of a few hours ago (via a reddit comment made by a VMP employee) It's supposed to go live to the public after 3 days but I doubt it'll last that long Edit: 200
  5. Haha deep down I've been wondering about the album cover for the VMP press *if it actually happens* being different. I think the vinyl will be colored either way but the alternate cover thing seems like jpeg thing to do based on his other physical presses
  6. Oh I was already gonna sign up this week before knowing about Danny just cause I really like the rap albums they've been pressing and look forward to see what else they do. BUT I appreciate it haha, I was hooked up with like 5 exclusives this year and appreciate everyone
  7. Love to see it haha. I'm glad I finally signed up for VMP and won't have to ask people for help anymore - but seriously shout out to those who share their memberships.
  8. I signed up cause I wanted that Roots album and was stoked it let me choose it cause it was sold out the other day. And I got the Danny. Boom.
  9. Yep, went to order it yesterday and there was no add to cart button. Checked today to see it say "sold out" ugh I feel like a fucking idiot for waiting 24 hours lolz
  10. I'm pretty sure a record I'm after is getting pressed soon, but not as ROTM. Any members willing to help a fella out? If so message me. I'll compensate you of course.