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  1. I figured this deserved it's own thread. And as of now, the /100 is sold out. First single/music video:
  2. Releases February 28th, 2020 via Topshelf Records. Pressing info and pre-order link below: Dissolve Red /100 Lake Blue /300 Sandstorm /600 Pre-order: https://www.topshelfrecords.com/products/655154-ratboys-printers-devil
  3. I think it's a coke bottle + red galaxy or a-side b-side but we'll see.
  4. I have a test press of the Acoustic Dig Up The Dead that I'd let go of for the right press if anyone is interested. Just message me.
  5. It sounds good for the quality of the actual recording. I feel like I heard some more of the "life" of the not-so-polished original recording, but still emphasizing the kick and other things that should be. I wanna say it sounds better overall. Definitely doesn't sound worse than the Victory Records presses.
  6. I also wonder if they're gonna fix the typo on the back of the box where "Plague" is spelled incorrectly before this goes off to print ha.
  7. I went for it last night although I basically just wanted Hexeda. I wonder if they'll all be individually packaged in a 12" jacket within the box set
  8. I've barely listened to it or any of Kanye's last few albums, you just responded to my opinion which never stated it was "good" but simply said it's not as bad as everyone is saying. I literally do not care either way. xoxo
  9. Seems like it's "cool" to hate on this haha. Not even a big Kanye fan, but this album isn't as bad as everyone is claiming imo.
  10. UO packages their records in a LP box, inside a bigger box with bubble wrap. If it's not shipped out from a local/random store, that is. It's pretty solid like 90% of the time for me haha.
  11. Sold out AGAIN ha. However, it's re-stocked on UO today too... I'd def not sleep on this anyone if they were considering getting a copy. UO shipping date changed back to november There is also a standard retail available via Amazon now too.