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  1. I feel bad blowing up this thread with our conversation at this point lmao - But I actually gotta pick up my gf from the airport Saturday but I didn't realize you came to Indy so often. You'll have to come to a Fort Wayne show sometime, that's where I am and I book some of the cooler shows here.
  2. My last post doubled down We need a delete post feature haha.
  3. I found this green variant on the UK site and asked the label about it - This is the standard retail variant. Label's response via twitter: https://twitter.com/LomaVistaRC/status/1131402813639053318
  4. If you come here for another show that you think would be one I might be going to feel free to hit me up!
  5. Oh nice, I know Tyler. Damn, I really wish I had known about this show. The only reason I found out this show existed was cause today, literally, I was asked to host one of the bands but I live a couple hours from Indy. haha bummerrrrrrr
  6. I agree, I think that's the one I'm gonna get but also means I can get it from amazon if needed which is kinda cool haha
  7. In Indy? I just found out about that show and was trying to find someone to host spirit - I totally would've been at that show if I had known sooner than the day of. and could've met you!
  8. Same. I didn't see that til after I ordered the /250 so now I'm the asshole asking for a refund on one order but at least they got more money from me in the end haha
  9. I'm definitely looking to get a VMP copy if anyone is willing to help me out. Edit: VMP Variant obtained. Thanks ya'll.
  10. The mock up on the webstore is an orange adapter that says Denzel Curry and Carol City
  11. I wasn't sure what to expect with this album, but upon first listen I like it a lot. Definitely different but still Tyler-vibes and really cool sampling/production. I also decided to listen all the way through too which I'm glad I did cause if I skipped around I might have been looking for the wrong things. Took a chance on the limited before listening but definitely glad I grabbed it for the art alone. Gonna dig into this album more for sure.
  12. I know my chances are slim to none BUT if anyone happened to get that RICKY cassette this weekend in Florida at the Sonic Drive In collab, I'd happily buy it from you and/or trade something epic.
  13. Near Mint is releasing the debut LP from TAFANB on 2 cassette variants + glow in the dark t-shirts. Pre-order: http://www.wearenearmint.com/products/642527-the-acid-flashback-at-nightmare-beach-took-too-much Pressing info: 24 Transparent Green w/ Gold Ink 33 Clear w/ Orange Ink Each order includes: - Double sided 3-panel, heavy weight j-cards - Poly shrink wrapped w/ Sticker - Digital download Stream: http://smarturl.it/8c9tta
  14. Prices include shipping. 7" TWIABP / Rozwell Kid - Fourteen Minute Mile (Glow In The Dark /100) - $40 12" Big K.R.I.T. - Return Of 4eva (First Press, 2xLP Black) - $30 LVL UP - Return To Love (Test Press) - $125 LVL UP - Return To Love (UK Purple Variant) - $35 Ratboys - GN (Test Press) - $100 Ratboys - GN (First Press, Violet) - $25