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  1. the cassette is back in stock rn
  2. If anyone thought they missed out they ended up making all of the previous merch drops in stock as well as dropping new stuff today. I assume it won't be available (at least this color) for too long though
  3. $15.99 shipped on amazon prime is super tempting, but like everyone else I'm curious if it's the red/black variant
  4. New single "vonnegut" - this is one of my favorite tracks by Sirius Blvck. Don't sleep! http://newnoisehiphop.com/song-premiere-sirius-blvck-vonnegut/
  5. corey.

    PO Now: Hovvdy - Cranberry

    dang, just now seeing this edit: looks like it's just a collab for a 7" series Bio: Taking inspiration from the original concept behind the founding of Saddle Creek, as an attempt to highlight our home city through music and art, we began the Document Series in 2017. Each release featured in the Document Series is comprised of an exclusive record featuring unreleased music from artists outside of the label's roster, along with a specially curated zine created by the artist. The fifth installment in the series comes from Austin, Texas based Hovvdy. Hovvdy (pronounced "howdy") is the writing and recording project of Charlie Martin and Will Taylor. The duo, both primarily drummers, rst met in the fall of 2014 and quickly bonded over a love for quiet music. Within a few weeks, they had combined songs and began recording their rst EP in bedrooms and family homes across Texas. By 2016 the two had committed to each others growth in songwriting and recording, resulting in their debut album Taster, originally released on Sports Day Records and reissued in 2017 by Double Double Whammy. They followed this in 2018 with the release of Cranberry, which dPitchfork described as, "Foggy, warm, and wistful, it sounds like faded time." Hovvdy has found a unique identity in rhythmic, down tempo pop songs that are hopeful, yet melancholy; relatable, yet distinguishable.
  6. wow, this is awesome
  7. New single: http://www.getalternative.com/premiere-sirius-blvck-hard2find/ It's also on all digital outlets etc
  8. Got the CIC bundle. I really like that deluxe artwork over the other covers, but knowing I could get both for cheaper and in the year 2018 has me second guessing my purchase.
  9. Yeah it's a 3xLP cut at 45rpm including both the LP and EP
  10. The test presses arrived today and they sound incredible. I was nervous just because of how heavy the bass is, but the mix is incredible + vinyl master turned out beautiful. 45rpm as well. So if anyone was on the fence, all the more reason to order ha
  11. This stuff is all so interesting - the points he makes about people not knowing if people should applaud or heard at all, pressing this stuff for people to physically own, etc I will say, as someone who has bought both copies, I can't see myself returning to them often or anytime soon - But I am glad I bought and own them as they stand out as truly unique pieces of art. Or something. Anyway, I applaud him being able to embrace such a painful subject to create art.
  12. I think this is the most excited I've been about a non-rap vinyl release since Hop Along dropped earlier this year.
  13. Yeah I know amazon had/has some, and turntable lab has some. I got mine from my local record store, I'm pretty sure any new copy you find will be the transparent green.
  14. Was surprised to not see a thread for this, searched for a bit, so I apologize if I somehow missed it. Anyway, Something Else (stripped down versions of their hits) got pressed on "transparent green" vinyl and is now shipping. Although you'll see in my picture below that it's more of a blue/green and matches the artwork more than I expected. Note: This is a 2xLP and both variants are like the one on the left in the picture. The right (green) vinyl is for comparison to a regular transparent green.
  15. This is the retail variant (bone) - not exclusive to AU The only variant that isn't limited is the retail "bone" variant - The others are all limited, but not sure what numbers yet Ey thanks! I was stoked they asked me to do this. I also got to choose the vinyl variants, which can be seen below: