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  1. I got mine Monday, in perfect condition. However I wasn't crazy about the EP minus a couple parts haha.
  2. I doubt it's supposed to be like that. I know the singer/songwriter jade took the photo from a recent interview so I wonder if it was a lack of print resolution knowledge or something haha. That's a bummer though
  3. This album is great. I like everything oso and state lines has done, but each album is crafted better than the last in my opinion.
  4. I think it's cool af tbh. It's a US plant or some sort of hand pouring plant and it's not a cookie cutter splatter. Reminds me of old topshelf releases
  5. Got a shipping notification from evil greed already, kinda surprised me cause I thought the street date was 9/6
  6. Been debating that box set still haha. Here's the VMP variant:
  7. Anyone have a copy of this they'd let go for less than retail?
  8. I have an ugly variant of this (it's like a pink-red) from back in the day so this color is tempting, but the price is not.
  9. I went to order the black variant when I woke up and it was sold out, so I decided to go with the blue /200 and it ended up only being like $29 usd shipped to the US.
  10. Damn. The blue is cool but is like $45 shipped. Probably still be worth at least that but still. The black is more tempting just cause it's the most reasonable price and it's only 5 tracks no one has heard haha.
  11. If you hear anything from them share it on here please haha
  12. It looks like it's available on some retailers via google, but it's pricey...
  13. Did anyone here get the 7" box set? Just curious if it's shipped since the regular LP's have / been debating ordering it but wanted to see the final product ha
  14. Perfume Genius is dope, I like his first 2 albums in particular. He's been around a while - worth checking out his earlier stuff at least imo haha
  15. The jacket is a gatefold which is a first for Denzel, and here is a (blurry) pic of the orange variant I found via reddit:
  16. They added another 7" with new artwork + 2 extra remixes (4 tracks total) and it's only $5 https://lilnasx.shop.musictoday.com/product/Y4NX16COMBO/lil-nas-x-old-town-road-7-vinyl-single-download?cp=null
  17. Got a shipping notification for the orange variant from the official web store
  18. Melodically Deaf's variant is an exclusive one-time press they'll have so be sure to hop on that! And the yellow variant, test presses, cassette, digital etc can be found via Near Mint at www.wearenearmint.com if you fancy any of those
  19. mewithoutYou's most recent EP "Untitled" is only 9.45 right now https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07JVF7LD8/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1
  20. Bandana is only $19.67 on Amazon Prime for those who don't care about a colored variant. Solid price imo since the label retails it for $22 + shipping
  21. Flash sale at NM - Save 40% for the next 24 hours. Code: FLASH40 www.wearenearmint.com
  22. Flash sale at NM - Save 40% for the next 24 hours. Code: FLASH40 www.wearenearmint.com