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  1. ajhall04

    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Might even be 180 days...but don't quote me.
  2. Can recommend! I’ve ordered this several times over the years and love them. Snagged a Banquets test once! Buy this!
  3. Don’t worry! Someone on the Facebook group or whatever wants to do King Gizz toothbrushes with 2 minutes of music... would buy!
  4. Was there a link for VC pressing or still waiting on that! Thanks folks!
  5. Man, hoping this is great. Will buy nonetheless.
  6. Will not buy. But happy for people who want it.
  7. ajhall04

    Tons of Records For Sale!!!

  8. ajhall04

    Vinyl & Tapes For Sale:

    I'll take the Habibi and NC Mixtape if that's cool!
  9. ajhall04

    FT Masked Intruder 350 Brewing beer

    Take a look! Also, those look pretty awesome!
  10. Let me send you some Lincoln's!
  11. ajhall04

    WTB-Your tapes if you have some

    I'll shoot you a list when I get home, think I have a few.
  12. Let me pay you for this!