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  1. This was a super important band for 12 year old me. 34 year old me... not so much. But if they repress some of their older material, I'd be into it.
  2. DFW doesn't really have a metal/punk/hardcore record store, which blows my mind. I've considered opening something like that but I just don't know if there is enough interest for something like that in DFW.
  3. this 7" is so good. Grabbed a copy and a shirt. Band rips.
  4. My sister and I have gone the past 4 years together so while the last was pretty meh, we didn't to carry on our tradition. Got to the store around 1 AM. We were 10th in line. Store opened at 7AM. I was able to grab the couple things I wanted, but was bummed my store didn't have Damnation AD. The prices on RSD always suck, but this year seemed to be even worse. It seemed like everything was $35-$40. I passed on a few things I may have grabbed on a whim just because of pricing.
  5. I'm not poking fun, and if I am... it's more poking fun of myself and my age. Converge has been a band a long time and they are a band that used to tour regularly. They are a band I just kind of assume everyone has seen at some point. So when I see someone saying they haven't seen them I assume they are young. Anyway... if you haven't seen Converge you should catch them at some point.
  6. this is awesome. such a great record. I already have an early pressing of this, but may pick up a copy of the repress.
  7. Best news. This is a top 5 NYHC album, imo. I've wanted to pick up an OG copy of Brightside for awhile but haven't pulled the trigger yet. Stoked I'll finally be able to add this to my collection.
  8. I'm pretty stoked on it. Should arrive by the end of the week. Originally was looking at buying a Hugo. Then looked at the 2qute. Then read a bunch of people who were using the Mojo in their systems that said it is like 80% of what the Hugo is for waaaaaay less money. Even read a few that preferred the sound of the Mojo to the Hugo. Decided for the money it was a no brainer to try the Mojo. May still end up getting the 2qute down the road and then shifting the Mojo to only mobile use, but for now the Mojo will be my primary dac in my main set up and will also use it for mobile. Had a Wyred Dac2 in the system, so I'm excited to see how the Mojo stacks up.
  9. Not really a purchase but I traded for a headphone amp. Got the Woo Audio WA6 SE. Pretty stoked to give it a run through.
  10. Not really a purchase but I traded for a headphone amp. Got the Woo Audio WA6 SE. Pretty stoked to give it a run through.