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  1. We need to make some room for new releases and the tax people are gonna kill us if we don't get rid of these! All 7"s listed are $1 (plus shipping) Dig em! http://moosterrecords.storenvy.com/products/18846202-1-one-dollar-7-sale-1
  2. FIRST TIME EVER ON VINYL!The long awaited 20th Anniversary edition of the 1st full length from Portland, OR's poppy punkers THE AUTOMATICS! Originally released in 1996 on CD by Mutant Pop Records and now finally on LP 20 years later, by Mooster Records“S/t” is where it all began for THE AUTOMATICS! That Buzzsaw guitar, dueling Jesse's on vocals and thumping bass with stop on a dime drums have never sounded better now that they have been run through the masterful ear of MASS GIORGINI(Sonic Iguana Studios) for this special reMASStered package. 17 tracks including all the hits "All The Kids Just Wanna Dance", "My Life is Shit", "Do The Fish" and more!!As always with Mooster pre-orders we have TONS of goodies. This time around you will be able to own ACTUAL pieces of punk rock history. Jesse K of THE AUTOS collected hundreds of pieces of ephemera related to AUTOS shows throughout the years and has graciously donated them to be included with every order. Flyers, posters, notecards, pics, reviews, CRAZY SHIT. Wait til you see it! Everyone get something.Every order also includes a special 1 1/2" button featuring the album art!AND there is a special option for purchase that will include 2005's V.M.Live Presents the Hanson Brothers/ Antiflag / The Automatics / J.F.A. on CD, VERY limited copies exist.TONS of great stuff to celebrate 20 years of THE AUTOMATICSThe first pressing is on black and pink splattered vinyl and limited to 300 copies.Order here: http://moosterrecords.storenvy.com/***These will ship sometime in Mid-OCTOBER***
  3. I have added a Test Pressings and Rarities section to the Mooster Records store for those who like those kinds of things. Lots of super limited items from Pool Party City Mouse The Homewreckers The CRY The Connection The Demerits The Connie Dungs and Moral Crux http://moosterrecords.storenvy.com/collections/1365096-test-presses-and-rarities
  4. MOOSTER RECORDS is a punk rock label from Chicago, IL. We are in the process and pressing a new vinyl LP and are in need of some help. SO HERE COME THE CRAZY DEALS. Two deals spelled out below! Thanks for your support! 5 LPs for $30 plus shipping (US ONLY PLEASE) http://moosterrecords.storenvy.com/products/16860465-5-lps-for-30 Heres what you get: 3 Mooster releases, 2 distro LPs The Homewreckers "I, Statements" LP The Connie Dungs "S/t" LP Pool Party Number One LP 2 distro LPs(make a suggestion and we will try to match SEVEN 7"s for $21 plus shipping (US ONLY PLEASE) http://moosterrecords.storenvy.com/products/16860423-seven-7-s-for-21 Here's what you get: 4 Mooster Releases and 3 distro 7"s Pool Party "Teenage Weirdo" Pool Party "Pool Party Party" The Demerits "Shake" Moral Crux "Victim of Hype" The Hungry Ears "Failure to Speak" 2 distro 7"s(feel free to make a suggestion and we will try to match) tons of other punk rock LPS, 7"s, Cassettes, CDs and the like in our store, as well! thanks for looking Brandon/Mooster
  5. The Mooster year end bundle is here! $30! Heres what you get: 4 LPs, 5 7"s, 4 cassettes and 1 CD!!! not to mention tons of goodies (stickers, buttons, zines, etc..) http://moosterrecords.storenvy.com/products/10083846-year-end-mooster-bundle
  6. http://moosterrecords.storenvy.com/products/14408166-moral-crux-revolution-ep-7-preorder 4 brand new punkers on two colors of wax from the best band from Ephrata, Washington! Moral Crux is known for their excellent 77-style punk, coupled with intelligent political lyrics. "Revolution(Shouldnt Be So Hard) and "Reality Is My Escape" b/w "Time Clock" and "Heart on Trial" fill up this platter, the band's first new music since 2003! Grab up the delicious purple vinyl while it lasts, once its gone, its gone. First 100 preorders get a limited MC poster. Pre-Order starts Monday, September 14th! Official Release/Ship Date: Monday, September 28th, 2015!
  7. The first full length from these New York Queer-core punkers is a sweet but angry journey through front woman Cristy Road’s heart. It’s a jagged journey and we get to taste the blood the whole way through. On beautiful vinyl that we are describing as "aqua seafoam" Split release with Nervous Nelly Records. Pre-orders will ship the first week of September. http://moosterrecords.storenvy.com/products/14225628-the-homewreckers-i-statements-lp-preorder
  8. CLEARANCE SALE!!! Mooster Records, rock/pop punk emporium, needs to clear our inventory! Most non-Mooster releases are $5 for LPs and $2-3 for 7"s and CDs. Some are cheaper!! http://moosterrecords.storenvy.com/ ROCK!
  9. I am in desperate need of some cashola for a new record we are putting out so here is the biggest Mooster Bundle ever!! What Youll get: The Connie Dungs "S/t" LP(green vinyl) Pool Party "Pool Party Number One" LP(yellow blue splatter vinyl) Pool Party "Pool Party Party" 7" Pool Party "Teenage Weirdo" 7" The Demerits "Shake It" 7" Kepi Ghoulie "13 for 13" Tape Chronics Tape McCrackins tape MTX "King Dork Approximately cassingle with goodies One mystery 7" pf my choosing a Mooster Mania CD of my choosing 2 LPs, 4 7"s, 4 cassettes and 1 CD!!! for $25 US only please! http://moosterrecords.storenvy.com/products/10083846-mooster-bundle