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  1. Got myself that black cover variant from Banquet and a picture disc as well months ago.
  2. Lots of people actually prefer good old black vinyl.
  3. Do you think the black variant from the Euro store is the same 180g variant?
  4. Thank you! Got that copy from that canadian website, not the rarest variant, but at least I got it for a cheap price including shipping to Europe. In comparison, it cost me 26€ from Canada. The same US variant would cost me 38€.
  5. would you link it directy? Can't seem to find it
  6. site wont load here, seems they are overwhelmed
  7. guess they are trying to display every option in every country at the same time, too bad the Euro store was already up very early and the canadian store has everything up as well, but it disappeared from https://www.cutloosemerch.com/category-s/159.htm
  8. to Europe it was cheaper than anything Merchnow could offer, maybe they only had 40 copies over in Canada
  9. found this on a Canadian website. https://www.cutloosemerch.com/product-p/cl-missigs-ultra-lp-po.htm Apparently limited to 40 copies. I had to order it.
  10. Funny though, they removed the header image announcing the preorder from their Facebook
  11. you did not ask them about the numbers ? Would have been nice to know
  12. the description said there were about 40 copies for sale, that was quick indeed
  13. haha I mistyped it was 2pm and 22 seconds (but 8pm here in Europe)