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  1. My local store never receive anything interesting. Guy says “I ordered but I don’t know what I receive until I open the boxes”. I just end up on Discogs or eBay.
  2. According to a tweet posted on april 3rd by Matt Davies-Kreye (vocalist for the band), reissues for their 3 records released by Atlantic / Warner are on their way ! 👀 2003's "Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation" 2005's "Hours" 2007's "Tales Don't Tell Themselves"
  3. IMHO they weren't expecting that kind of hype, vinyl weren't pressed and now they are only going to press.
  4. Despair Faction variant seems sold out, the order button disappeared from page.
  5. Yep, I just thought of the month when writing it
  6. Releases on june 11th. So far from the official AFI store https://shop.afireinside.net/bodies/bodies-vinyl-d2c-exclusive-digital.html (black/black ice quad color/1000) - Official AFI Store Exclusive https://shop.afireinside.net/bodies-vinyl-despair-faction-exclusive-digital.html (smog mix/300) - Despair Faction (Fan Club) Exclusive SOLD OUT https://shop.afireinside.net/bodies/bodies-deluxe-vinyl-box-set-digital.html (black/gray heavy splatter with limited edition cover/500) - Deluxe Box Set SOLD OUT Note that a free "Gold Pin" was added to my order from the off
  7. Mourning Records have announced the reissue of "LOVE", from Australia's The Comfort. 3 vinyl variants. All very limited to /200 copies. Red, White and Black Party Monster /25 Red and Yellow Nebula /75 Clear with Black Smoke /100 — Preorders available on Jan 8th : EST: 1pm Friday January 8th GMT: 6pm Friday January 8th Brisbane AEST: 4am Saturday January 9th Melbourne/Sydney AEDT: 5am Saturday January 9th
  8. Anybody has a black copy? Is this real? I mean, I believe the Oxblood to be the retail variant, as I just got one from AMZN.
  9. https://www.holdingabsence.com/ So far : -Dark Green on Sun Yellow (https://www.holdingabsence.com/product/the-greatest-mistake-of-my-life-ltd-edition-vinyl/) -Oxblood / creamy (https://www.banquetrecords.com/holding-absence/the-greatest-mistake-of-my-life/HALP2tgmoml) -Gold (https://www.holdingabsence.com/product/the-greatest-mistake-of-my-life-boxset/) EDIT : https://sharptonerecords.co/products/holding-absence-the-greatest-mistake-of-my-life-green-vinyl https://www.impericon.com/en/holding-absence-the-greatest-mistake-of-my-life-grey-on-
  10. it's up on Impericon https://www.impericon.com/fr/architects.html EDIT: well it's up everywhere, australia has exclusive variants as well https://artistfirst.com.au/collections/architects https://24hundred.net/collections/architects/ EDIT 2: UK indies exclusive https://www.banquetrecords.com/architects/for-those-that-wish-to-exist/277282
  11. Ending my story with a refund of the missing record, part of the shipping fees and on top of that they were kind enough to refund the custom fees. Thank you Tooth and Nail, for helping me on this matter !
  12. Please also note that TOTAL shipping was about 45$, it seems they only refunded 15$ for shipping (as item was 40$ worth) , which leaves me with a single LP shipped for 30$. That's crazy.
  13. SO. I received feedback from Merchnow - "The TJT album was refunded as we were sent a shipment from the manufacturer of defective records, so we were unable to send those out. The label decided not to repress any more of those unfortunately. It looks like $55 was refunded on September 28 for that. " Checked the account, the refund was issued, BUT, nobody sent an e-mail about the cancellation of the order, and well, I paid for custom fees anyway as the record was stated in the declaration. Also, as I mentioned, they are not Amazon, but if I send an e-mail to Amazon, they wil
  14. Ordered two records from them in august, only one arrived (in perfect condition) in Luxembourg in october. Package was mint and untouched, so the first record LP (40$ worth) wasn't in the parcel from the beginning. Problem : I paid shipping for both records (40$!!), and the customs declaration mentioned both as well, so I also paid around 30$ more for customs (which is acceptable if the two records were in the cardboard box in the first place, I know, I'm prepared for these fees living in Europe). Solutions : - I first sent an e-mail to merchnow via suppo

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