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  1. Here’s a link at Amazon.de. Currently, including shipping for 2 copies, it is cheaper than the official store (at least for me) not sure about the colour though. https://www.amazon.de/dp/B083P92FJJ/
  2. from what I read, the mega bundle is limited to 30 worldwide, but the pressings are more or less available elsewhere, for example the pink is the tour edition, the purple seems to be the "standard" retail variant... so the bundle is the only way to have all of them for a "cheap" price. Anyway, got myself the splatter from the Euro site and it's sold out there already.
  3. there was only one variant from their first album, not sure Roadrunner plays the variant game though.
  4. New album "A Beautiful Place to Drown" is out march 6th 2020 on UNFD Several variants are available but only two of them separately from the mega bundle : A Beautiful Place To Drown LP (Cloudy Clear and Purple Cornetto) /1000 A Beautiful Place To Drown LP (Clear with Purple and Light Pink Splatter) /400 A Beautiful Place To Drown LP (Neon Pink) /500 A Beautiful Place To Drown LP (Opaque Purple) /1250 A Beautiful Place To Drown LP (Cloudy Clear with Purple Smoke) /850 USA https://usa.24hundred.net/collections/silverstein EUROPE https://europe.unfdstore.com/collections/silverstein AUSTRALIA https://24hundred.net/collections/silverstein
  5. Still haven’t received anything from my New Damage order. It was shipped well, but this takes ages from Canada, Thunberg-Style cruise I guess. I hope I can spin this soon!! Edit : received my copy after seven long weeks, it is worth it anyways
  6. I was literally about to ask the same thing @justindinealone maybe you can help? Haven't received any shipping notification as well Thanks!
  7. Funny how labels are now re-releasing some records they were leaving to other specialty labels to release back in the day, I have an aqua/marble from Broken Circle Records from 2009. What an album. Interested to see what's coming though, but I dont expect much besides another supposed cash grabber. Would be so nice if they were printing the original artwork with a transparent foil from the CD release.
  8. Same here, not about KL, but dor the "#1" ... patience can be rewarding sometimes
  9. Can't agree more, in EUR, shipping included, it's a win. 23€ I believe. Also got the Rarity LP last week, which is also sold out now, solid.
  10. Nice. Was expecting this, and snagged the /100 variant, even though it’s not the sexiest variant to come i’m sure it will be quite limited. edit : and it's sold out from New Damage Records already.
  11. So, welsh band Dream State have their first album coming on october 18th via UNFD New single "Open Windows" is currently streaming There are two variants currently available for preorder, from which I dont know the pressing numbers - https://unfd.lnk.to/PrimrosePath https://24hundred.net/collections/dream-state/products/primrose-path-12-vinyl-white https://europe.unfdstore.com/collections/dream-state/products/dream-state-primrose-path-lp-half-transparent-blue-half-purple Depending on the location of the store, each variant is available only bundled with a tshirt, but the half/half is available by itself in Europe / USA, as the white variant is only available by itself on the AUS store.
  12. It's on. Numbers so far are HALF ULTRA CLEAR/HALF BLACK WITH YELLOW SPLATTER - 910 WW (210 AU / 500 EU / 200 US) BLACK IN RED - 610 WW (210 AU / 200 UK / 200 US) BLUE IN YELLOW - 640 WW (210 AU / 230 EU / 200 US)