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  1. Not the case with my Amazon copy. Officially a misprint then…
  2. Got the same Olive variant from Amazon, got it yesterday… wanted to ask: are the lyrics printed upside down like mirrored? Looks like it’s unintentional, misprinted?
  3. oh thanks! didnt know it was on amzn, bought a copy to Europe !! hopefully shipping soon
  4. anyone knows if this series will be extented to other colors?
  5. Had the pinwheel for a few hours in my cart from Smartpunk, waiting for a possible EU release... Then checked the website again, only 1 left... PUSHED THE RED BUTTON IMMEDIATELY. (well it was purple) Icing on the cake is the 10% coupon I got from registering to their mailing list.
  6. Found it at another retailer's website https://specialistsubjectrecords.co.uk/products/afi-sing-the-sorrow-2xlp?variant=44077473431802
  7. we'll know two hours from now but being in Europe makes this almost $100 including taxes, hence my interest in Revolver, they ship direct duty paid... it was $75 anyway.
  8. assuming there will be more variants coming, there should be some kind of "easily shipped to Europe + Rest of the world" exclusive (thinking Revolver, or even retail like Amazon), but 29$ is not that expensive. Problem is the custom fees on arrival.
  9. Anyone found a Euro retailer for this? (except for Banquet in the UK) Thanks!
  10. should be nice to have a new post for what's coming... as this is for real and apparently not a boot?
  11. Oh I wont thanks had my own disappointments with their "exclusives" back in the day. I assume there will be a proper euro (even black) variant sooner or later. Or I'll live without it, because it's only a collector's album IMO, it's fun and all, if I can have it for a reasonable amount, but I was kinda expecting them to try things and maybe have more of the guest artists included in the work. Anyway, I appreciate the effort though, a simple remaster or another repress wasn't needed.

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