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  1. Not the case with my Amazon copy. Officially a misprint then…
  2. Got the same Olive variant from Amazon, got it yesterday… wanted to ask: are the lyrics printed upside down like mirrored? Looks like it’s unintentional, misprinted?
  3. oh thanks! didnt know it was on amzn, bought a copy to Europe !! hopefully shipping soon
  4. anyone knows if this series will be extented to other colors?
  5. Had the pinwheel for a few hours in my cart from Smartpunk, waiting for a possible EU release... Then checked the website again, only 1 left... PUSHED THE RED BUTTON IMMEDIATELY. (well it was purple) Icing on the cake is the 10% coupon I got from registering to their mailing list.
  6. Found it at another retailer's website https://specialistsubjectrecords.co.uk/products/afi-sing-the-sorrow-2xlp?variant=44077473431802
  7. we'll know two hours from now but being in Europe makes this almost $100 including taxes, hence my interest in Revolver, they ship direct duty paid... it was $75 anyway.
  8. assuming there will be more variants coming, there should be some kind of "easily shipped to Europe + Rest of the world" exclusive (thinking Revolver, or even retail like Amazon), but 29$ is not that expensive. Problem is the custom fees on arrival.
  9. Anyone found a Euro retailer for this? (except for Banquet in the UK) Thanks!
  10. should be nice to have a new post for what's coming... as this is for real and apparently not a boot?
  11. Oh I wont thanks had my own disappointments with their "exclusives" back in the day. I assume there will be a proper euro (even black) variant sooner or later. Or I'll live without it, because it's only a collector's album IMO, it's fun and all, if I can have it for a reasonable amount, but I was kinda expecting them to try things and maybe have more of the guest artists included in the work. Anyway, I appreciate the effort though, a simple remaster or another repress wasn't needed.
  12. Green is available for preorder at SRC https://www.srcvinyl.com/thrice-the-artist-in-the-ambulance-revisited-green.html assuming more retailers will soon have this variant as well? Anyone found it in Europe (mainland) ?
  13. I’m just sad that a Euro band doesn’t have a Euro store as well.
  14. And all your orders - are they marked as fulfilled on the sellers website?
  15. No nothing here as well... I'm in Europe. Sent an e-mail a few days back, nobody answered apart from the auto response saying that somebody will answer. Anyway, we'll see how it goes.
  16. Started to receive notifications of this opening from this forum post at least ten minutes before the official "open for business" hour... I'm still wearing my coat typing this but I got one!
  17. website is now overwhelmed, impossible to check out, wanted to check the shipping prices to a different Euro country. Glad I got a teal anyway. Soundtrack to my 20s !
  18. well I'm glad the shipping is quite "ok" to Europe, 15$ is a steal these days...
  19. I was refreshing the page for minutes… didn’t even saw it appearing. Missed LIYW. Hopeful for a later press

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